In the Hands of PKM-K IPB University Students, Bogor Beans Turn into Healthy Breakfast Cereals

The Student-Entrepreneurship Creativity Program (PKM-K) IPB University team developed a cereal product from bogor beans and mocaf flour. This cereal is called SEKAF and is sold at a price of Rp. 15,000/package.

SEKAF has a variety of nutritional content that is good for the body, such as high fiber, making it suitable for breakfast menus. As a local product, SEKAF is also expected to reduce the number of import dependence on similar products, especially wheat which is widely used as a raw material for cereals in the market.

“The idea of making SEKAF started from the absence of bogor bean derivative products that could attract consumers' interest. During my stay in Bogor, bogor beans were only consumed as boiled peanuts and sold on the roadside. In fact, the potential to develop this bogor bean is very large. That's why we created SEKAF, so that people can enjoy Bogor nuts in a different way, but the nutritional content is still good for the body," said Maulida Nur Astriyani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SEKAF.

The IPB University student revealed that currently the number of enthusiasts for SEKAF products continues to grow. Starting from the campus community to the general public. Maulida said that during the July-September sales period, SEKAF's products had succeeded in reaching a wide market covering the islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

“This product is also considered to have high appeal because it can be consumed practically. SEKAF is packaged in heat-resistant paper containers containing 45 grams of cereal and 15 grams of powdered bogor bean milk,” he added.

Maulida hopes that the use of bogor beans and mocaf flour as the main raw materials for making SEKAF can increase the selling value of community agricultural products. Thus, the profits obtained are greater than before.

“As a sustainability plan program, SEKAF will be sold separately from bogor nut milk, so it can be enjoyed as a snack. In addition, it is hoped that SEKAF can cooperate with a typical Bogor gift shop," he concluded. (*)(IAAS/UBI)

Published Date : 06-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Maulida Nur Astriyani

Keyword : PKM-K IPB Students, SEKAF, Bogor Beans, Healthy Cereals