Helping Economic Development, IPB University KKN-T Students Create a Potential Map of Sinar Sari Village

Sinar Sari Village is one of the villages in Dramaga District, Bogor Regency, West Java. This village has a lot of economic potential spread across various locations, although the area is quite small, which is around 172 hectares.

Therefore, IPB University Real-Thematic Work Lecture (KKN-T) students took the initiative to make a map of the potential of Sinar Sari Village. This is so that the picture of the potential of Sinar Sari Village becomes clearer and can be known by the village community and outsiders.

Steven Febrianto, a student of IPB University's KKN-T explained, the process of making a village potential map took about two weeks. The first step in making the map is to collect data related to the potential of the village. Then conducted a survey related to locations that have economic potential. Don't forget to document the location and ask business owners for important information.

"From this, it is known that there are as many as 22 potential villages scattered in Sinar Sari Village. Among them are ornamental fish cultivation, Dramaga Aquarium, various convection businesses such as clothes and bags. There is also a business of making geprek cassava, a healthy drink business 'Creative Center' and so on," he said.

Steven continued, the village potential map was created using the Arcgis application. Information obtained through surveys such as location points and phone numbers of known entrepreneurs, is inputted and compiled into the application.

After that, a meeting was held with village representatives so that the results of the potential map were in line with the expectations of the village. The final step is to make the final touches or changes to the wallboard according to the request from the village.

"We hope that this potential map can help the economic development and development of Sinar Sari Village for the better," concluded Steven. (*)

Published Date : 05-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Steven Febrianto

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, Sinar Sari Village, Village Potential Map