Facilitating Farmers, IPB University KKN-T Students Build Automatic Plant Watering Innovation

In an effort to make it easier for farmers in Cikarawang Village, Dramaga District, Bogor Regency, West Java, a number of IPB University students succeeded in building an innovative automatic plant watering system with an Arduino-based soil moisture sensor. This idea started from the existing problems and potentials in Cikarawang Village, precisely in the RW 07.

“Cikarawang Village has the potential of a lake called Situ Burung with an area of 2.15 Ha. Having an area of 226 hectares, the land in this village is mostly used for settlements, rice fields and fields," said Dimas Panji Harmonon, Head of the IPB University KKN-T Team.

The head of RW 07 Cikarawang Village, Endang Junaedi, said that the majority of the residents' livelihoods are entrepreneurs and farmers. In cultivating the land, most of the farmers use the lake's stream as a source of water. Utilization of the flow is still done manually, where farmers take their own water.

“Therefore, IPB University students made an innovation in the form of an automatic plant watering system that takes water from the lake stream when soil moisture begins to decrease. The trial was carried out on the land owned by the Head of RW 07 as a model for the community," said Dimas.

Dimas emphasized that this automatic watering can be used in Cikarawang Village because the system is not difficult and easy to use. The automatic plant watering system made is determined by soil moisture.

"If the soil moisture has reached the minimum limit, the system will send a signal to the pump and the water will flow through the sprinkler. So that the soil moisture in the plants is well supplied. If the soil moisture is sufficient for plant growth, the pump will stop automatically," he explained.

After the program was implemented, Endang as the Head of RW 07 Cikarawang Village gave a positive response. “This program provides benefits and is much needed by farmers. It is hoped that this Arduino-based automatic plant watering system can help Cikarawang Village farmers," said Endang.

This program is supervised by Dra. Laksmi Ambarsari MS. Besides Dimas, the IPB University KKN-T team consists of Agustin Marlili Artika, Rais Rahmadi, Gray Syafiq Kusuma, Faisal Ibrahim Abusalam, Tifanee Anindhita, Muhamad Rizqi Riv'ah, Zachwa Ainun Mardhiyah, Diya Aghnia, and Angela Maria Marisi. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 01-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Dimas Panji Harmonon

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, Automatic Plant Watering, Situ Burung, Cikarawang Village