IPB University Graduates Invited to Become Young Exporters

Prospective graduate students get pre-graduation career briefing stage VII for the 2021/2022 academic year online, (08/08). This general stadium is a routine activity held by the Career Development and Assessment (CDA) of IPB University. This time, an inspirational resource person was presented, namely Handito Joewono, the founder of the Export School. This alumnus of IPB University who graduated in 1987 shared his experience in doing business until now he was able to open an Export School.

He said entrepreneurial talent has been developed since he was in college until now preparing for retirement. Handito is still trying to boost the value of Indonesia's exports. 11 years ago, he built the national entrepreneurial movement while serving as the National Coordination Team for Entrepreneurial Development at the Indonesian Ministry of Economy. This effort is in order to stimulate entrepreneurial interest at the university level.

He seeks to continue this movement in recent years through the Export School so that the younger generation can hit the global market with advances in digital technology and the marketplace. This movement is also under the umbrella of the national export development roadmap which was formulated in 2016 and has been proposed to the government to increase Indonesian exports by 500 percent.

“My number one recommendation is to produce new exporters, young people from campuses, students, alumni from universities. Especially the prospective graduates should have been enlightened so that they can enter the era of global trade, not only as buyers," he concluded.

This effort has yielded sweet fruit, so that in 2019 it was able to launch its first export of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) products through the e-commerce Bonded Logistics Center in the Marunda Industrial Estate. This is important to become a symbol of the new movement that the export business can also be done by young people as beginners. According to him, the younger generation must dare to push the domestic market so that it can be global.
"Precisely because right now everyone is pessimistic about the world market, this is where we have to enter as a beginner exporter," he continued.

He explained that the Export School was able to prove that Indonesian MSMEs were able to export domestic products and contribute to state revenues. This Export School is present as a Independent Campus partner for the Independent study program "Be a Digital Exporter". The target is to produce 500,000 new young exporters by 2030.

“Young people have great potential to become exporters. So when you graduate, you must have an export orientation and be able to dominate the world market for various commodities," he said.

Because exporting is a complex process, prospective exporters need to have these three things, namely knowledge, skills and attitude. Doing business at the international level must have a good work ethic. The signing of a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IPB University and the One Village One CEO program and the Export School also motivates IPB University graduates to pursue careers as exporters and optimize technological progress. (MW/Zul) IAAS/ELS

Published Date : 10-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Handito Joewono

Keyword : IPB University Alumni, Export School, OVOC