IPB University KKN-T Students Made Water Filters for Mosques in Tarikolot Village

IPB University students who carried out the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) program made water filters for residents around the mosque in Tarikolot Village, Bogor. Baihaqi Aria Yogantara, as a KKN participant who designed the water filter said, that the filter is made of simple materials. Namely from used barrels, sand, charcoal, nets, gravel and fibers. 

“Before the filter installation was installed, we and the youth of the mosque cut off one of the water flows from the well and made a double flow so that it could be channeled into the filter. The filter is then filled with the aforementioned materials and a net is placed between the materials to facilitate the monthly maintenance process. The filter that has been filled with water is left for several hours so that the bacteria and dirt that settles can be absorbed into the existing material,” he explained. 

Based on student observations, the water quality in Tarikolot Village was indeed not good. The water wad yellow and smells of iron. “Our group's initiative is to implement the knowledge gained from campus to make water filters that the hamlet community can benefit from. Therefore, the Jami Raudhatul Jannah Mosque was chosen as the location for the installation of the water filter so that it can be used together. Counseling as an intelligence about clean water and filters was also carried out so that people can imitate them in their respective homes,” he added. 

According to him, this counseling was initiated out to educate the use of good water filters and sustainable maintenance. In the counseling, routine maintenance procedures are also given every month which is facilitated with nets so that cleaning the material is not difficult.

Edi, as the Chairperson of the Jami Raudhatul Jannah DKM Mosque, expressed his gratitude to the students. “We convey our gratitude to the students, not only for the filter installation that has been installed, but also for the counseling. So that the applied knowledge can be imitated by residents who want to install personal water filters at home,” he said. (IAAS/may) 

Published Date : 17-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Edi

Keyword : Water Filter, IPB University, KKN T, Students