IPB University Students Create Interactive Learning Media Teach Elementary School Students Smart Reading

The Student Creativity Program (PKM) Community Service Team (PKM-PM) IPB University, created an interactive learning media "Caksara (Cakra Nusantara)". This team of four students wanted to help grade 1 and 2 elementary school students to be able to read in a short time. Caksara's learning media uses boards and cards to play while learning.
In today's era, children tend to prefer to learn while playing. This method of playing while learning was adopted by the Caksara Team to increase students' enthusiasm and motivation in learning to read, so that students' literacy skills will also increase.
The PKM-PM Caksara team is chaired by Fenty Wurni Asih from Islamic Economics and its members are Ramzani Lutfi Syarifah (Chemistry), Aldila Widya Putri Oktavia (Biochemistry) and Leica Agis Al Barra (Landscape Architecture). Their purpose in bringing up this idea is to solve the problem of children's reading ability at SD Negeri Ciasmara 04, Pamijahan, Bogor which is still low.
“Before developing Caksara, we have conducted interviews with school principals and teachers as well as site surveys. As a result, 32 students from grades 1 and 2 in the 2021/2022 school year have not been able to read," said Fenty.
Therefore, Fenty and his team developed Cakra Nusantara. A cruise board using an archipelago design that uses the Index Card Match model. This model was appointed as an effort to overcome the enthusiasm of students who went up and down in learning.
"The model of matching questions with answers can train students to remember the material that has been taught and make students not bored in learning. Cakra Nusantara or commonly abbreviated as Caksara uses several props. These include Chakra Boards, Spin Chakras, Pawns, Question-Answer Cards, and Help Me Cards. Each of these props has its own use,” he explained.
To make it easier for partners to understand how to play Caksara, the Caksara Team has also provided a video tutorial for playing the game that has been posted on Caksara (Caksara) youtube. In addition, temporary guidebooks have also been printed for partners.
Fenty said that this innovation is expected to help teachers in Indonesia in the future to be used as a learning method. “We hope that this learning media can be an alternative used by teachers in implementing daily learning activities. Because the potential for Caksara's sustainability is very large, it can be implemented," said Fenty.
One of the teachers at SD Negeri Ciasmara 04, Siti Iyar who is a Class 2 homeroom teacher, revealed that by learning Caksara, students who have difficulty learning to read at the beginning will find it easier to learn to read because they are attracted by the Caksara media. He also had time to guide Caksara's activities at level 1 so he knew firsthand how to play. (**/Zul)


Published Date : 17-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Fenty

Keyword : IPB University, Caksara, Students, PKM PM