Dr Tin Herawati Talks about HIV Disease and Weak Family Functions

HIV disease has recently become a disease that is being discussed again after the mass media reported the findings of hundreds of students and housewives in a city exposed to HIV. Several sources presented in the mass media stated that the causes of HIV disease include free sex behavior, drugs and transmission from mother to child.

As a person who works in the field of family science, Dr Tin Herawati, Head of the Department of Family and Consumer Science, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University, will certainly ask questions regarding the implementation of family functions for students and housewives affected by HIV.

“Students and housewives are part of the family. If HIV attacks students, it will certainly threaten the future and hopes of the family. And if you attack a housewife, it will certainly shake up family life, including in child care, which will have an impact on the quality of children in the future,” She said.

When viewed from the implementation, he continued, the number of HIV which has something to do with the weakness of family functions. The family function must be carried out properly by every family so that the success and happiness of marriage will be achieved. Implementation of family functions that have a positive effect on the quality and welfare of children.

“The function of the family must be the basis and guidance of every family in order to create a prosperous and quality family. The family has eight functions to carry out. They are religious functions, socio-cultural functions, love functions, protection functions, reproduction functions, socialization and education functions, economic functions and environmental development functions. The function of religion is the first function in the family that underlies the implementation of other family functions," She added.

She added that the existence of free sex and drugs that are the cause of HIV shows the weak implementation of the function of religion in the family so that family members do not have morals. The family should be the first place to inculcate religious values. At this time the family must be a place to cultivate religious values, so that later they become human beings who have good morals and are pious.

“The family teaches all its members to carry out worship with enthusiasm and piety to God Almighty. In this postmodern era, many families are busy with various affairs and jobs so that religious values are reduced,” she said.

According to him, the function of protection in the family is also not going well. The family should be a place of shelter or shelter for all its members and a place to foster a sense of security and warmth. The existence of an atmosphere of mutual protection means that the family must be a safe, comfortable and reassuring place for all its members.
"The existence of transmission of HIV disease in the family shows that family life does not protect each other and is not safe for its members," she said.

She explained that the function of love in the family is a solid foundation for the relationship between children, husband and wife, parents and children. A good function of love in family life will increase marital satisfaction so that the quality of marriage becomes better. "The presence of sex by family members, whether by children, wives or husbands, shows an atmosphere of love in family life," she added.

Therefore, she continued, to avoid HIV in family life, family functions must be improved and carried out properly. The function of the family must be the footing and guidance of every family, it must be achieved properly and carried out in a balanced and balanced manner. If the implementation of family functions goes well, the family will have good values of piety and happiness in God Almighty, good organizational and communication patterns in family life. (**/Zul) (IAAS/FJN)


Published Date : 31-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Dr Tin Herawati

Keyword : IPB University, Family, HIV