Lecturer Returns to Village IPB University Implements Hydroponic Plant Solar Panels in Yogyakarta MSME

Lecturers of the Vocational School of IPB University conducted Lecturer Returns to Village (Dospulkam) activities in Rejowinangun Village, Kotagede District, Yogyakarta Special Region some time ago. This activity is in the form of implementing solar panels in Dewa Ponik's Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) in supporting the production of hydroponic plants.

The team of lecturers consisting of Dr. Doni Sahat Tua Manalu, Harries Marithasari, SS, MPd, Vivien Febri Astuti, SIKom, MIKom, Ayu Gupita Aindra Sari delivered an explanation to this MSME activist regarding the implementation of solar panels. "Currently, technological developments are increasingly advanced, one of which is the use of sunlight, the largest energy source on earth to produce electrical energy," said Harries Marithasari as Team Leader.

Furthermore, Dr Doni Sahat Tua Manalu explained about the use of solar panels which are currently being applied in several places such as offices, private homes, road lighting on toll roads, traffic signs, and many others. "Our solar panels are implemented at the Dewa Ponik Yogyakarta MSME as a source of electrical energy as a driving force for water pumps in hydroponic installations to irrigate water for hydroponic vegetable installations. Installing solar panels requires a large amount of capital. Solar panels themselves have the advantage of a long economic life and are not affected when there is a power outage, so they can keep hydroponic vegetable production running smoothly," he explained.

"We hope that community service activities such as those carried out by the team of lecturers from IPB University can continue and provide a lot of inspiration and benefits for the community in RW 13 Rejowinangun," said Maryadi as Chair of the Community Association (RW) 13 Rejowinangun.

Dalija as the Head of the Neighborhood Association (RT) 44 said, “In the RW 13 Rejowinangun area, power cuts often occur, especially when it rains or when the wind is strong. So the idea of developing solar panels in particular to stabilize electricity with solar panel technology is very good." This was also confirmed by Ahmad Ardan Ardianto as the owner of the Dewa Ponik MSME, "This technological assistance can stabilize the electric current for hydroponic irrigation, so that this solar panel technology is needed by Dewa Ponik MSMEs," he said. (*)

Published Date : 01-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Dr Doni Sahat Tua Manalu, Harries Marithasari

Keyword : Lecturer Returns to Village IPB, solar panels for hydroponics, IPB Vocational School