IPB University Lecturers Homecoming Taught Cemplang Villagers to Pollinate Coffee with Bees

IPB University Lecturers gave a talk to farmers in Cemplang Village, Ciomas District, Serang Regency, Banten, regarding coffee plant pollination with bees as a part of IPB University Lecturers Homecoming program that was attended by farmers from various villages.

In socialization with the theme “Increasing Coffee Production by Bee Pollination”, Dr Ir Akhmad Endang Zainal Hasan, Prof Khaswar Syamsu, and Dr Dimas Andrianto were the lecturer team who were present. During that opportunity, Dr Zainal Hasan explains the benefits of bees to produce homogenous fruits since the pollination happened during the same time.

“With pollination during the same time, coffee harvesting would have the similar characteristics and have the similar ripening time,” he said. In addition, the farmers could increase the harvest efficiency of red coffee and the selling price.

Ajid, Head of Tani Lebah from Pandeglang District, conveys that bees as the pollination agent are important to increase plant productivity since the fruits would have better quality. 

“Besides, honey bees are also producing honey that is known to be beneficial for our health. For example, beeswax could be used to make lip balm under extremely cold or hot weather,” he said.

According to him, beeswax and propolis are some examples of bee products that have plenty of benefits for our health.

Agus, Village Head of Cemplang, expressed his gratitude to IPB University Lecturers Homecoming team who gave 2 Apis cerana and 1 Tetragonula sp. bee hives as a start to develop beekeeping in his area. “Hopefully, the villagers will continue the program from Lecturers Homecoming,” he expressed.

Furthermore, Imas Masruroh, Secretary of the Ciomas Regency, the government is willing to support their activities which could increase the community’s income with the hope to develop independent villages.(*)(IAAS/SAF)

Published Date : 16-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Dr Zainal Hasan, Ajid

Keyword : IPB University, bee, coffee