Accompanying Poktan Jabong Hydro Farm Subang, Lecturer Returns to IPB University Village Reveals the Advantages of Mocaf

The Department of Economic Resources and Environment (ESL) of IPB University in the Lecturer Home Village 2022 program, provides assistance to the Jabong Hydro Farm Farmer Group, Subang Regency. In this activity, IPB University lecturers invited the farmer group for a comparative study at the Ben Barokah Women Farmers Group (KWT) Benteng Village, Bogor (10/8).
The chairman of KWT Ben Barokah, Hadi said that the beginning of the establishment of his community was in 2018. According to him, although he had experienced the COVID-19 pandemic because he always provided training to villagers, the condition of the residents gradually recovered.
“Many people grow cassava, so the idea was created to make Mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour). Mocaf is used as an alternative material to replace wheat flour and can be processed into foods such as egg rolls, crackers, or mocaf that can be used to make noodles," said Hadi.
Meanwhile, the Head of the ESL Department, Dr. Ahyar Ismail said that processed products can increase the added value of agricultural products. In addition, processed products are also an effort to diversify food to reduce imports of flour.
"The advantage of Mocaf for health is that it is safe for consumption by people with celiac disease, people with irritable bowel syndrome, people with autism, people with diabetes mellitus, and some people who are sensitive to foods containing gluten," he said.
He added that Mocaf contains much more soluble fiber than cassava flour. Mocaf also has a higher mineral (calcium) content than rice and wheat and has a much better and faster digestibility than tapioca flour," he said. (*)(IAAS/UBI)


Published Date : 17-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Dr Ahyar Ismail

Keyword : IPB University, Lecturer Going Home, ESL