Prevent Stunting, Lecturer Returns to Home Village IPB University Go to Godog Sukoharjo Village

The IPB University research team provided counseling related to stunting in Dukuh Need, Godog Village, Polokarto District, Sukoharjo, Central Java (2/8). This activity is the implementation of the Lecturer Home Village (Dospulkam) program. The participants of the counseling were women who were members of the Langgeng Putri Women Farmers Group (KWT).
The Head of the Dospulkam Team of IPB University, Dr. Anna Fatchiya explained, stunting is a condition that is characterized when the length or height of a child is less than his age. He describes the causes, characteristics and effects of stunting in children. Dr. Anna invites mothers to diligently take their children to the integrated healthcare center (posyandu) as a preventive measure against stunting.
As a form of concern for children's development, the Dospulkam Team of IPB University also provided counseling on the Prevention of Violence against Children. Educational measures were also carried out with banners containing messages of violence against children.
Dr. Anna said that violence against children does not only include physical violence, but verbal and sexual violence which is also dangerous for children's growth and development. He also conveyed the negative impact of violence on children.
“Violence against children will have an impact on the appearance of excessive aggressiveness, moodiness, depression, crying easily, and make children tend to commit acts of violence against others. We as parents must be patient and refrain from acts of violence against our children, including not hurting them with the words we speak,” he said.
On this occasion, the Chairperson of the Family Welfare Empowerment Team (PKK) of Polokarto District, Heri Mulyadi and Agricultural Extension Officers from the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) of Polokarto District, Basir, SP, and Gea, SP.
"We really appreciate and support the efforts of the IPB University team who contributed to the prevention and control of stunting in Godog Village. Because Polokarto District is the area with the highest stunting rate in Sukoharjo," said Heri Mulyadi.
He said that basically the women in Godog Village were very enthusiastic about counseling activities like this. However, said Heri, so far they have not been exposed to much skill improvement training. "The potential is huge, the mothers here are always enthusiastic when they are moved," he added.
In addition, PKK members also received education related to digital literacy during this counseling. Digital literacy education was carried out by two members of the Dospulkam team of IPB University, namely Arip Wijianto, MSi and Hanifah Ihsaniyati, MSi. Both are students of the Doctoral study program at IPB University who are also lecturers at the Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University.
Participants were introduced to several information and communication technology (ICT) applications such as the Juru Tani application, Google Family Link, Digitani, Paktani Digital, Truecaller, Chatbot and social media platforms. According to Dr Anna, digital literacy is important to support farming and economic businesses run by KWT Putri Langgeng.
"Digital literacy education is held with the aim of providing understanding and awareness to women farmers about the positive and negative sides of ICT for everyday life," said Arip Wijiyanto, SP, MSi.
Hanifah Ihsaniyati, SP, MSi added that ICT education, including the introduction of social media platforms, would be beneficial for efforts to introduce and market products to the public.
At this event, women farmers in Godog Village were introduced to the Four Pillars of Digital Literacy, namely digital skills, digital ethics, digital culture and digital safety. The event closed with the provision of seeds of perennials and catfish to the women members of KWT Putri Langgeng. (*/Rz)


Published Date : 17-Aug-2022

Resource Person : Hanifah Ihsaniyati, SP, MSi

Keyword : IPB Dospulkam, IPB Lecturer, Godog Village