IPB University Students Teach Elementary Students How to Use Gadgets Wisely

IPB University students who took part in the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) program held education for children's character development at SDN 3 Cadas Leueur, Bantar Karet Village, Nanggung District, Bogor Regency (21/7). There were 45 students who participated in this activity.

This educational activity carries material about wisely using gadgets, sorting waste and Gertagi (Gerakan Cinta Gigi). This education aims to develop children's character so that they can be wise in using gadgets, especially cellphones.

“If misused, this gadget has a negative impact on children. In addition, this education also aims to increase students' awareness to care about cleanliness through sorting waste and taking good care of teeth," said Dedy Nanda Kurniawan, a student from the Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology, IPB University.

In his presentation, Dedy explained the meaning of gadgets, types of gadgets, the negative impact of gadgets and how to use gadgets properly and correctly. “Through this activity, it is hoped that students can be wise in using technology, can protect the environment and maintain personal health by disposing of garbage in its place and love to take care of teeth. So that the creation of a bright future for children and they are protected from the impact of technological developments. A beautiful and clean environment will make students comfortable in carrying out teaching and learning activities," he said.

Meanwhile, material on waste sorting was delivered by Nurfa Layla Asti from the Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology. She explained the meaning of waste, types of waste, examples of organic and inorganic waste and the use of organic and inorganic waste. And the delivery of Gertagi's material covers diseases of the teeth and how to take good care of teeth.

The implementation of educational activities ended with collage activities that used inorganic waste to be used as coloring material for pictures. The students were very enthusiastic in coloring the pictures given. (**/Zul) IAAS/SYA

Published Date : 28-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Dedy Nanda Kurniawan

Keyword : IPB University, IPB KKNT, IPB Students