Prof Ronny Rahman Noor: AI Based Voice Recognition Technology Determines The Success of Future Chicken Farming

In the era of the 1990’s, studies on the recognition of the type of chicken voice have been intensively carried out. This was revealed by Prof Ronny Rahman Noor, Livestock Geneticist at IPB University. In his writing received by Public Relation IPB University, 6/30, Prof Ronny explained the role of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in encouraging optimal livestock productivity.

“I still remember visiting one of the research intituts  in Jerman in the era of 1990’s. There is a group of researchers who focus their research topics to analysize chicken voice. The goal is to identify the type of chicken voice than can be describe whether the  chicken is in a state of happy, anxiety or stress,” he said.

Although in that era the development of technology is still limited, he added, but researcher have been managed to distinguish the difference in the typed of chicken voice placed in different condition. “ In intensive chicken rearing, management play a role in determining the success of production. This means if the maintance management is good, it can be expected that the production of chicken is also high,” said Prof Ronny

According to him, one type of chicken voice that has been identified successfully is the type of distress call that can be used as an  indicator that the chicken is stressed. Prof Ronny explained, “ If later this the result of this voice analyst show the sound of distress call that frecuency is outside the normal range, it will be a sign for farmers that something is wrong in the cage and must be corrected so that the productivity of the chickens they maintance is not disturbed”.

However, Prof Ronny asserted that the existence of artificial intelegence based voice recognition technology is not intended to replace human task completely  in modern chicken farming. “ The role of humans in conducting daily inspections in chicken is still very vital. At least the exixtence of this voice recognition technology can help ease the task of the farmers and increase their income,” he concluded. (IAAS/GHN)

Published Date : 01-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Prof Agus Purwito, Hermawan Handoyono Widodo

Keyword : Artificial Intelligent, IPB University experts, Livestock Chicken