IPB University Students Won Best of The Best Talent IndonesiaNEXT Telkomsel

Muhammad Justi Makmun Jusrin, a student of the Faculty of Forestry and Environment, IPB University succeeded in becoming the Best of The Best Talent in the IndonesiaNEXT Season 6. This was announced by Telkomsel when closing the IndonesiaNEXT Season 6 program, (30/6). In this activity, Telkomsel selected 34 digital talents from 10,504 participants in the Crowning Season 6 event as well as Kick-off Season 7. Justi managed to become the best with his digital technology entitled "Conservation Thermal Drone System".

"The exam process includes International Certification, Soft Skills Assessment, and Qualification Panels IndonesiaNEXT," said the alumnus of the Bachelor Program of the Department of Conservation of Forest and Ecotourism at IPB University who is currently continuing his studies at the Masters Study Program for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, IPB University.

According to him, in this activity with the theme Fortitude and Action, there were 10,504 registrants from 695 universities. They underwent a series of special development activities in the IndonesiaNEXT Season 6 program.

"Starting from inspiring webinars, hard skills training, international certification, soft skills training, to area and national bootcamps," he added. Besides Justi, there are three other IPB University students who are included in the 34 best talents. They are Putri Gayatri (Department of Communication Science and Community Development), Aditya Aji Pamungkas (Department of Landscape Architecture) and Inti Putri Madinah (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Biosystems).

IndonesiaNEXT is one of Telkomsel's flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that is open to all students in Indonesia from all majors, with study levels ranging from Diploma to Masters. In organizing Season 6, IndonesiaNEXT also opens opportunities for lecturers and education staff to participate. (**/Zul) IAAS/SAP

Published Date : 04-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Muhammad Justi Makmun Jusrin

Keyword : IPB University, Telkomsel, achievement