IPB University Students Successfully Passed to Top 6 in Permata Bank National Business Case Competition 2022

Three IPB University students who are members of the Evander Team, successfully passed to be the top 6 finalists of the Permata Bank National Business Case Competition 2022. This competition was initiated directly by Permata Bank and was participated by 137 teams from 50 universities throughout Indonesia.

The Evander team consisting of Arlan Nugraha and Frans from the Faculty of Management Economics and Satria Candra Wibowo from the Business School of IPB University gave an idea in the form of application development that focuses on three aspects. Namely customer experience, customer engagement, and competitiveness. They managed to become the top 6 finalists out of 137 teams that registered for this competition.

"We create feature innovations that did not exist before by adjusting the target market for the millennial generation and generation Z," said Arlan, the Evander Team Leader and a beneficiary of Pondok Inspirasi.

According to Arlan, the population of these two generations is certainly more than the others. In addition, currently the younger generation is also more technology literate but still low on digital finance.

After being declared qualified, the team continued to the finals and awarding session which was held on July 21-22, 2022 at Permata Bank Head Office and also Senayan Plaza, Jakarta. In the final round, they had to compete with five other teams from the University of Indonesia and the Bandung Institute of Technology.

"I'm so grateful to have gotten through this so well. I learned a lot during my studies on campus and of course at Pondok Inspirasi which made me more confident to continue to develop my abilities,” concluded Arlan.

This competition aims to hone creativity and explore student ideas in the banking world through competition in financial and banking services in the current era of digital banking development. In this case, all participants are expected to focus on solving cases on the development of mobile banking applications in order to remain competitive with other bank competitors. (**/Zul) (IAAS/Agl)

Published Date : 25-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Arlan Nugraha

Keyword : IPB University, Students, Pondok Inspiration, Achievement