IPB University Wants to Shape Students as Great Businessmen through the IPB Independent Entrepreneurial Program 2022

IPB University disseminated the IPB Independent Entrepreneurial Program 2022 socialization to students throughout Indonesia online, (25/07). This program carries the theme of Building Technosociopreneurial Mindset and Skills to Empower Youth in Business Society.

Dr. Ujang Suwarna, Assistant Director of Student Reputation and Achievement Development, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) of IPB University said this program is intended for students who have a strong interest and commitment in the field of entrepreneurship. On the condition that they currently are not completing their final project or thesis.

With the benefits offered, Dr. Ujang hopes that this program will be able to attract the interest of the younger generation to be entrepreneurs and produce great businessmen. “Students will get complete supplies and competencies in entrepreneurship and business. There is no doubt that IPB University will provide services in terms of materials and good facilities and are taught by a myriad of experts who are competent in their fields," he said.

The competencies obtained by students are in the form of building business and product ideas, entrepreneurial mindset, and financial and investment planning. Participants will also be given material related to market validation and customer acquisition, growth channels and business models, as well as delivering value.

"In addition to gaining valuable experience and broadening relations, another advantage is that students will also be guaranteed a value of 20 semester credit units (SKS) if they attend the program in full," he added.

The IPB Independent Entrepreneurship Program 2022 has a duration of five months, starting from August to December. Some of the learning achievements include, students are able to analyze business models, evaluate business ideas and opportunities, conduct negotiations, build business networks, and provide added value to products.

“Last registration is July 30, 2022. Program participants are expected to have prepared themselves since the registration period. The participants who are accepted are prioritized to come from the Jabodetabek area because learning will be carried out offline,” said Dr. Ujang.

After registration, evaluation and selection will be carried out for participants who have met the criteria and requirements. The implementation of this program has four stages, namely idea development, business management, market validation, and a business summit. Through the business summit, the participants' products will compete at the internal level.

During the learning process, students will be invited to understand every stage in conducting business development, from fundamental learning to practice. Students are also encouraged to create prototypes that will be exhibited to the public, experts, and business partners or investors. "Hopefully there will be investors who are interested in the participants' business ideas and can be developed further," he said.

Dr. Ujang predicts there will be more than 900 registrants. Meanwhile, the non-IPB University quota is only 300 people. So it is hoped that interested students will prepare their requirements as soon as possible. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/Agl)

Published Date : 27-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Dr Ujang Suwarna

Keyword : entrepreneurship, business, IPB Independent Entrepreneurial Program 2022