Collaborating with Amazon Web, IPB University Holds AWS Immersion Day Workshop

The Directorate of Educational Technology and Program Development (DPPTP) together with the Directorate of Information System and Digital Transformation (DSITD) in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) held the AWS Immersion Day Workshop, 21/7. This activity was held offline, at the Computer Center Building Lt 1 Dramaga Campus, Bogor.

Dr Kaswanto, Assistant Director of Educational Technology and Digitalization, DPPTP IPB University explained, this workshop was a follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of cooperation between IPB University and AWS. He hopes that similar activities aimed at increasing the capacity of IPB University's human resources can always be carried out.

"IPB University's collaboration with AWS actually needs to be followed up with implementative activities that support the achievement of the College's Main Performance Indicators (IKU) and the implementation of the Freedom of Learning - Independence Campus (MBKM) Policy for the 2022/2023 Academic Year," said Dr Kaswanto.

Present as a resource person, Hendry Anwar, Solutions Architect - Worldwide Public Sector AWS. On that occasion he explained, the ability to auto-scaling web services needs to be supported by Disaster Recovery. “So this workshop provides hands-on to make auto scaling with EC2 Auto Scaling Group. In addition, there is also a hands-on on making VPCs with the VPC Wizard,” added Hendry.

The workshop materials provided included AWS 101 and Core Services (Compute, Storage, Database), AWS Scaling and Load-balancing, Whiteboarding Scalable Moodle on AWS and Hands-on VPC Workshop with VPC Wizard.

In addition, material on Hands-on Workshop Auto-scaling Web Services with EC2 Auto Scaling Group, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Server Protection with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery and Online Examination Application Needs Analysis at IPB Moodle was also presented.

Dr Kaswanto revealed that the workshop was carried out with enthusiasm. This was proven by the ongoing discussion of the participants who were enthusiastic. "The discussion was very specific and advanced regarding the services provided by AWS. Especially when discussing the need for Moodle-based Online Exam applications at IPB," he said. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 27-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Dr Kaswanto

Keyword : AWS Immersion Day, Amazon Web Services, IPB Moodle