Lecturers Return to IPB University Campus Collaborate with Students to Teach Mangrove Seedlings with Eco-polybags and Auxin Hormones

Students who are involved in Community Service activities – Lecturers Returning to the Village in Tanjung Village, Saronggi District, Sumenep-Madura, East Java, teach how to do mangrove nurseries using eco-polybags and auxin hormones to new students of State Junior High School (SMPN) 2 Saronggi .

This activity, which was held on July 20, 2022, is part of the Introduction to the School Environment (MPLS) in the new academic year 2022/2023. The amalgamation of students in community service activities was guided by Dr. Fery Kurniawan, Dr. Luky Adrianto and Dr. Yonvitner.

Learning activities are guided directly by IPB University students who are involved in this program. The team started by explaining the function of auxin to accelerate the growth of propagule roots and mangrove seeds. The team also showed the results of applying the hormone directly. The use is expected to increase the survival of mangrove seedlings and increase the chances of meeting the needs of mangrove seedlings for rehabilitation activities.

After that, the team also explained the functions and benefits of eco-polybags as a substitute for (conventional) plastic polybags. This polybag made from woven palm leaves is expected to reduce plastic waste during the nursery and planting process in nature. The use of eco-polybags can also increase the survival rate of mangrove seedlings because they can be planted directly without dismantling the planting medium.

In addition to explaining the functions and benefits of using auxin hormones and eco-polybags, the student team and pokmaswas “Reng Paseser” invited students and teachers to practice directly the processes needed to the planting process. This hands-on practice was attended by 117 students and 20 teachers from SMPN 2 Saronggi, Sumenep.

"In the practice of mangrove nurseries, students are taught to plant with nursery innovations using auxin hormones and ecopolybags delivered by FPIK IPB University students," said Fadel Abu Aufa as secretary and mangrove expert of the Community Supervisory Group (Pokmaswas) "Reng Passer".

The practice of mangrove nurseries takes place at the eKasoghi Beach Tourism, Tanjung Village, Saronggi District, Sumenep Regency, Madura. The practice location, which was initiated by Pokmaswas “Reng Paseser”, is later expected to become a learning center for mangroves in Sumenep Regency.

Dr. Fery Kurniawan said, "Seeding mangroves is not easy, because it needs attention and care, therefore students are given knowledge and practice to foster a love for mangroves." (*)

Published Date : 27-Jul-2022

Resource Person : Dr Fery Kurniawan

Keyword : Lecturer Going Home, mangrove, Eco-polybag, Auxin hormone