Wiramuda IPB University Taught Sweet Potato Cultivation

The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of IPB University recently provided training in yam cultivation for students at Merdesa Gardens. This training invited Dr. Suwarto, IPB University lecturer from Agronomy and Horticulture.

On this occasion, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf, Vice Head of LPPM IPB University for Community Service explained, "We are sending intelligent IPB University students to directly oversee the farmers in the field. The students will plant two main commodities of sweet potato which have high export value.”

Dr. Sofyan Sjaf said that this training needs to be listened to and paid attention to by the young men. This is because this training will become basic knowledge that needs to be conveyed to farmers, to change patterns in farming.

"We present Wiramuda to change the mindset of farmers in planting sweet potatoes, an old farming tradition that is not good for getting less productive results," said Dr. Sofyan Sjaf.

He revealed the importance of this training to equip young people with basic agricultural knowledge to grow sweet potatoes, from identification, care, to pest prevention and management. "We realize that these young people come from various fields of expertise, therefore, we present experts to learn together to plant sweet potatoes before the knowledge is implemented to farmers," he said.

Dr. Suwarto welcomed this youth program. He admitted that he is ready to oversee the planting of sweet potatoes so that they produce good quality sweet potatoes for export.

"I really support this program to continue and I am ready to oversee the planting of this sweet potato to get to the export market, through the Wiramuda program it will be very clear the role of universities in helping farmers increase their income," he said.

The IPB University lecturer also emphasized that the role of students in changing unfavorable planting patterns and traditions that can damage crop yields needs to be conveyed clearly so as to get maximum results.

"We have high hopes for these young men to be able to provide education to farmers who have always maintained poor farming traditions, so that it has a direct impact on relatively poor agricultural yields," added Dr. Suwarto, a sweet potato expert from IPB University. (*)

Published Date : 08-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Dr Suwarto, Dr Sofyan Sjaf

Keyword : sweet potato, IPB wiramuda, IPB students, IPB innovation,