Two IPB University Student Teams Won 4 Awards at MARINESIA 2022

IPB University students again made achievements in the field of fishing boat technology in the 2022 Marine Innovation Festival Indonesia (MARINESIA) competition, recently. The two performing teams, the Artasena Team and the Marvelous Team, managed to bring home four awards at the event which was held at Hasanuddin University.

The Artasena IPB University team won two championship titles, namely 2nd Place and Best Design in the Fishing Vessel Design Innovation Competition (BISEANG). The team consisting of Faisal Atthoriq, Cantika Lestari Manuhutu, Nabila Rahmawati, and Muhamad Yuqa Shulhan came out as champion after competing with 16 teams from 8 other universities. All three are students of the Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization (PSP) of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) with Dr. Yopi Novita as the supervisor.

“In the final round, the Biseang Competition requires the student team to innovate on the design of fishing vessels. The innovation is not only limited to a concept written in a paper but the concept is realized in the form of a model ship that can be operated using a remote control," said Faisal Atthoriq.

Faisal explained that the innovation idea of the Artasena Team of IPB University was the design of a purse seine vessel equipped with fish handling instruments in the form of a flexible conveyor and portable hatch. This innovation was promoted as an effort to maintain the quality of fish during the handling of fish on board. 

"In the fishery product transportation chain, the quality of fish is largely determined by how the fish are handled on the ship after the fish are lifted from the sea," he explained.

Meanwhile, in the branch of the Appropriate Technology Innovation Competition (BINAGA), the Marvelous Team of IPB University also contributed two awards. Participated by 10 teams from 6 universities in Indonesia, in this competition students are required to innovate in the form of written works that are presented orally and posters.

The team consisted of three students from the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering (TMB) of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta), namely Feby Abelina, Devon Adyuta Puspohusodo, and Nur Ayu Fatimah, and mentored by Lilis Sucahyo, STP, MSi won 3rd place and Favorite Poster.

"The innovation initiated by the Marvelous Team of IPB University is technological innovation on fishing boats based on magneto hydro dynamic and refrigerated sea water using bifacial," said Feby.
Dr. Yopi Novita, the supervising lecturer, said that the success of the two IPB University student teams was not without reason. The success of the Artasena Team, she said, was supported by the material obtained by students at the PSP Department, namely the Fishery Vessel Course and the Fishery Ship Dynamics Course.

The success of the Marvelous Team, said Lilis Sucahyo, STP, MSi, was supported by the material provided in the Cooling Engineering Course, Motor and Propulsion Course, Food Energy and Electricity Course, and Engineering Economics Course managed by the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 21-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Dr Yopi Novita, Feby Abelina, Devon Adyuta Puspohusodo dan Nur Ayu Fatimah

Keyword : fishing boat, IPB student achievement