The 17th ESL Green Talk IPB University Discusses Intrinsic Value Valuation for Javan Rhino Conservation

The Department of Natural Resources Economy and Environment (ESL) IPB University held a webinar The 17th ESL Green Talk (EGT) with the theme Intrinsic Value Valuation for Javan Rhino Conservation. The activity was attended by students of the ESL Department of IPB University and parties from outside IPB University.

The Head of the ESL Department of IPB University, Dr. Ahyar Ismail said that he hoped this activity would be the beginning of collaboration and a forum for sharing knowledge with each other's experiences in scientific development. Both about climate change, especially rhinos related to their populations that we must protect and their intrinsic value.

Dr Sofiatin as a resource person said that the economic value of biodiversity refers to the general principles used to estimate the value. This value represents the valuation whether it is relative value, benefit or usability, importance or level of excellence. "Intrinsic value depends on how people perceive an object and whether the current value is different from the future or previous value," he said.

He explained that the conservation of the one-horned Javan rhino, which is endemic to Java, is part of the wild life. He said, there are several references that categorize this wild life in various ways, namely ecological value, nutritional value, socio-cultural value and economic value. "How do we evaluate the principle value, then we must know the difference between instrumental value and intrinsic value," he explained.

He continued, instrumental value measures the usefulness of a creature or object. That is, the creature or object can meet needs or provide services for other creatures, generally humans. Then facilitate the happiness and well-being of humans themselves.

Meanwhile, intrinsic value is the value that is inherent in and for itself regardless of whether it provides benefits or benefits for others. "Thus, based on the concept of intrinsic value and instrumental value, I tried to go further than the research conducted to see the actual intrinsic value of the Javan rhinoceros, from several references there have been more evaluation methods used to measure or calculate or estimate value instrumentally,” added Sofiatin.

He added that the Javan rhino is one of the five remaining rhino species in the world. Currently, the Javan rhinoceros is a population whose status is threatened with extinction, which is only found in Indonesia in the Ujung Kulon National Park.

"The intrinsic value of the Javan rhino for conservation is assessed in several stages of characteristics, namely habitat, population and genetics. How much value is needed for the rhino to live based on the cost approach method, “said Dr Sofianti. (*/ra) IAAS/ST

Published Date : 08-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Dr Ahyar Ismail, Dr Sofiatin

Keyword : Javan rhinoceros, Javan rhino conservation, value of Javan rhinoceros, status of Javan rhinoceros