Prof Yusuf Sudo Hadi Discusses Sengon Plywood Export Licensing

According to a lecturer at the Department of Forestry Products, Faculty of Forestry and Environment (Fahutan) IPB University, Prof. Yusuf Sudo Hadi, plywood is currently on the rise. Especially plywood from Paraserianthes Falcataria sengon.

“Exporters who send plywood to foreign countries need to comply with quality standards. Each destination country may have different requirements. An example is Japan, which has the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) and the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS)," he said in an article published by the April 629 edition of TRUBUS Magazine.

According to him, several things to be considered include strength, adhesiveness and emission tests. "Many plywood companies bring in experts from Japan to pass the feasibility test," said Prof Yusuf Sudo Hadi.

Meanwhile, he continued, domestic plywood export companies generally know the criteria that Japan wants. According to Prof. Yusuf, Indonesia is qualified in terms of wood processing, so that it can adjust to the criteria of foreign market demand.

"In general terms for sengon exports can refer to the International Hardwood Plywood Association (IHPA). In general, the international requirements are similar, we are able to meet the various required criteria,” he said. (Ns/Zul) (IAAS/TNR)

Published Date : 23-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Prof Yusuf Sudo Hadi

Keyword : IPB University, Sengon Plywood, Faculty of Forestry and Environment