IPB University and Ibaraki University Discuss Tropical Agricultural Environmental Issues Towards Regional Sustainability

IPB University collaborated with Ibaraki University in the Joint Consortium Online Class Program – Tropical Agricultural Environment toward Regional Sustainability on June 22 and will end on July 27, 2022. This activity was held to understand regional sustainability through research and various agricultural activities. This activity is also held to encourage the talent of postgraduate students in finding and discussing solutions regarding this field of science.

Dr Nobuo Sakagami from Ibaraki University welcomed this collaboration. This activity is a continuation of the 10-year collaboration with IPB University. He also hopes to visit Indonesia again after COVID-19.

However, with the disruption of the pandemic, he continued, universities could make better use of virtual technology in international activities. He hopes that more collaborations can be established by utilizing various existing technologies.

"I really appreciate the collaboration with IPB University. Hopefully in the future we can collaborate more and meet face to face in Summer Course activities," he concluded. He also appreciated all parties involved in the success of this activity.

Prof. Agus Buono, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of the Graduate School of IPB University, also warmly welcomed the results of this collaboration between IPB University and Ibaraki University. He hopes to strengthen the relationship that has existed with Ibaraki University for a long time. Participating students who join can also gain a lot of benefits from this activity. "Welcome to the participants, hopefully this activity can have a positive impact on the development of environmental science and human welfare," he concluded.

This series of online classes is part of the Summer Course Program for Agriculture and Ecosystem Resilience to Environmental Disaster Towards Regional Sustainability held by IPB University and Ibaraki University. The number of participants who joined until the end of registration was 87 students from various countries. Students will receive two Semester Credit Unit (SKS) grades or credits upon completion of this program.

This activity began with a virtual consortium for five days involving lecturers from four universities from within and outside the country. The lecturers are Prof. Hadi Susilo Arifin from IPB University on the topic "Sustainable landscape agriculture", Prof. Tasuku Kato from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with the topic "Characteristics of Agricultural Environment in Tropical Area", Prof. Md Amzad Hossain from the University of The Ryukyus with the topic "Fundamental Requirements for Environmentally Sound Plant Production", Prof. Nahrowi from IPB University with the topic "Animal Production in Tropical Agriculture", and Dr. Nobuo Sakagami and Dr. Liyantono from Ibaraki University and IPB University with the topic "Sustainability of tropical agriculture".

This activity will be followed by the Summer Course program in September 2022. Participating students will get general lectures and experience in the fields of agriculture and the environment. Students will also experience various interesting activities, ranging from field activities at the Cinangneng Tourism Village, cultural exchanges, visiting Puncak tourist areas, to international seminars. (MW/Zul) IAAAS/GLE

Published Date : 23-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Prof Agus Buono, Dr Nobuo Sakagami

Keyword : agriculture, environment, Graduate School of IPB University, international consortium, Summer Course program