Department of Computer Science IPB University Holds Pre-Summer Workshop "Computer Science for Agriculture"

Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University in collaboration with IEEE Student Branch IPB University held a Pre Summer Course workshop “Computer Science for Agriculture (CSAgri) 2022: IoT for Smart Urban Farming” 2022 on 28/5 online. With the topic “Embedded System Fundamentals with Arduino: Microcontrollers, Sensors & Actuator using Thinkercad Simulator", this inaugural workshop was attended by internet of things (IoT) practitioners and students from 15 universities in Indonesia, including IPB University, Indonesian Computer University, Bekasi Muhammadiyah Business Institute, Trisakti University, ITB Swadharma, PGRI Mahadewa University Indonesia. , Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), UIN, Pertamina University, and various other universities/institutions.

The Chief Executive, Dr Karlisa Priandana said, "This workshop is the first of two series of workshops to be held to prepare for the Summer Course CSAgri IPB 2022 in September. The second workshop will be held in July," she said. Furthermore, this IPB University lecturer added that The CSAgri 2022 Summer Course aims to increase the interest of the younger generation in agriculture. In addition, it is also a strategy to show the community that agriculture in the current era has led to modern agriculture that is familiar with technology, automation, IoT and artificial intelligence.

She further said, "This series of Summer Course CSAgri IPB 2022 events is expected to be a means of learning and a forum for discussion towards agriculture modern 4.0, even modern agriculture 5.0. In addition, this activity can also be converted as semester credit units (SKS) for undergraduate and diploma students.”

Meanwhile, the Head of the Department of Computer Science at IPB University, Dr Sony Hartono Wijaya, said that this workshop is a form of facilitation that is expected to be a provision for learning both in terms of ideas and practices that will support the Summer Course CSAgri IPB 2022 activities in September. "We present Mr. Agus Mulyana, a student of the Computer Science Doctoral Program at IPB University, who also works as a lecturer and IoT activist to share experiences. Not only material presentation, this event also presents Flowgorithm and Arduino simulations using Thinkercad online.\

The Summer Course CSAgri IPB 2022, which will be held online on 9-17 September 2022, will be attended by four competent speakers from Indonesia, Japan, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia. This summer course, which will introduce participants to the concept and application of IoT in agriculture, is provided for 80 participants. Summer course registration can be done through the official website of the Summer Course CSAgri IPB at until June 15, 2022. (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 13-Jun-2022

Resource Person : Dr Karlisa Priandana

Keyword : Summer Course CSAgri IPB, IoT in agriculture, Department of Computer Science IPB, FMIPA IPB