Fauna Conservation Union (UKF) of IPB University Held Conservation Education for Children in Ciwaluh Tourism Village, Wates Jaya Village, Bogor

Fauna Conservation Union (UKF) of IPB University carried out the Social Conservation Program (SCP) at RT 03/RW 05 Ciwaluh Tourism Village, Wates Jaya Village, Cigombong District, Bogor Regency, 15/5. Ciwaluh Tourism Village is a nature-based tourism area with various choices of ecotourism destinations, such as waterfalls, camping ground, and white water rafting.
SCP is a sustainable social and environmental activity which acts as a form of Fauna Conservation Union (UKF) of IPB University's dedication in promoting conservation. This activity seeks to help people who lives in and around nature-based tourism areas (ecotourism). Activities carried out are in the form of social services, development and improvement of regional potential, and conservation education.
One form of this program's approach was to reach out to children to acquaint them with conservation. Conservation education activities targeted elementary school (SD) to junior high school (SMP) children. The first conservation education material that was delivered was about self-concept, introduction to the environment, waste, and biological resources. In addition, children were also invited to watch documentary films regarding the use of biological resources.
The geographical condition of Wates Jaya Village which is directly adjacent to the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park is not only profitable as a Ciwaluh Tourism Village area, but also various plantation and agricultural commodities.
"Here, we don't just rely on the ecotourism sector, the people here have Ciwaluh specialty coffee products as well," said the head of the local Neighborhood Association (RW). He also explained that the potential wealth of biological resources in the area has not been studied and developed to its full potential. He said that the limited knowledge of the community regarding the use in the conservation aspect was still lacking.
The management of the ecotourism area in Ciwaluh Village was first opened to the public in 2010. However, since 2018 it has been developed and managed by a local youth group called the Tourism Awareness Group (POKDARWIS).
"We are happy with the presence of IPB University students to be involved in helping and introducing the community to conservation and environment, especially children. Hopefully, with the knowledge gained in college, it can help other more complex village problems in the future," said Sandi, one of the POKDARWIS administrators. (*/RA) (IAAS/Agl)
Keyword: environmental conservation, environmental management, habitat conservation, UKF IPB


Published Date : 17-May-2022

Resource Person : Sandi

Keyword : environmental conservation, environmental management, habitat conservation, UKF IPB