Rector Prof. Arif Satria Launches Sociopreneur Program of IPB University 2022

IPB University Chancellor Prof. Arif Satria launched the Sociopreneur of IPB University 2022 program (14/5). This program aims to support and increase the interest of IPB University students in entrepreneurial activities. This program takes the form of training, business development funding, coaching and mentoring. The program can convert the results into semester credit units (SKS).
"The program is designed to improve students' entrepreneurial skills in identifying, planning, implementing, and evaluating business activities, whether carried out independently or participating in entrepreneurship programs offered by various institutions," said Handian Purwawangsa, SHut, MSi, Assistant Director of Career Development and Entrepreneurship. , Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) IPB University. In addition, he continued, students can develop the ability to design innovative products or services and build networks and sustainable business partnerships.
In his remarks, Prof. Arif Satria said that sociopreneurship is a trend that is needed by the community to overcome various problems in rural areas. One of the sociopreneurship programs developed by IPB University is One Village One CEO (OVOC).
"This is a program to encourage IPB University students. The students were asked to go to the village and consolidate with the BUMDes (Village Owned Enterprises). These students also provide technical assistance because technology opens market access. Then you can enter the community's products into the modern market," he explained.
According to Prof. Arif Satria, the presence of a sociopreneurship program that has an impact on the community can build optimism in rural communities. According to him, universities, through students, become a source of inspiration, and the community becomes more confident to move forward.
In practice, said Prof. Arif Satria, sociopreneurship requires two things. Namely, social and entrepreneurial spirit. "So, the existing spirit of service must be encouraged, the entrepreneurial spirit must also be encouraged," said the Chancellor of IPB University.
He believes that the sociopreneurship program will bring IPB University students to various regions throughout Indonesia. IPB University students are here to solve various problems with business models developed for social purposes. (MHT) (IAAS/ARS)

Published Date : 17-May-2022

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : sociopreneurship, IPB students, IPB service, IPB entrepreneur