Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) of IPB University Held Halal Bihalal and the Discharge of Retirement

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) of IPB University held Halal Bihalal 1443 H and the Discharge of Retirement (18/5). The event was attended by members and non-members of Faculty of Animal Husbandry. These include the Investment and Social Fund Management Agency (BPIDS) of IPB University, PT Bank Syariah Indonesia, PT Santana Manggala Karya, PT Multi Sarana Pakanindo and PT Pramana Pangan Utama.

"After more than two years of experiencing a pandemic and online Halal Bihalal, alhamdulillah today we can hold an offline Halal Bihalal. We from the Faculty and Departments hope that we can all return to carrying out activities on campus to provide the best service," said Dr Idat Galih Permana, Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry of IPB University in his speech.

The Advisory Board of the Animal Husbandry Alumni Association (Hanter), Harianto Budi Rahardjo who was present also expressed his gratitude and happiness for the collaborative cooperation so far.
Chairperson of Hanter, Dr. Ir. Audy Joinaldy, S.Pt, M.Sc, MM, IPM, ASEAN Eng conveyed through a video, saying that in the future the good relationship with Faculty of Animal Husbandry members must continue to be established. "Collaboration and activities must be increased and we will organize Homecoming Day," said the Faculty of Animal Husbandry alumnus and Vice Governor of West Sumatra.

Meanwhile, Dr. Asep Nurhalim, Lc, MPd.I who was present as a lecturer explained four things related to happiness after fasting. Namely increasing of piety, forgiven all sins, granted all prayers and multiplied the merit. “People whose soul and character are more pious, their lives are happy. In this life, one does not waste the slightest time but to do useful things," he said.

At the Halal Bihalal event, a retirement discharge was also held for several lecturers and education staff from 2019 to 2022. The Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry also expressed his appreciation to the retired Faculty of Animal Husbandry members for their dedication while working until they retired. (Femmy/Zul) (IAAS/Agl)

Published Date : 22-May-2022

Resource Person : Dr Asep Nurhalim, Lc, MPd.I, Dr Ir Audy Joinaldy, SPt, MSc, MM, IPM, ASEAN Eng

Keyword : IPB University, Halal Bihalal, Fapet