Lecturer Returns to Village of IPB University Develops SPR for Kediri City Landscape

Lecturer Returns to Village (DosPulKam) is a community service program launched by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University starting in 2022. Of the 69 proposals received, one of them is the development of the Kediri City Landscape Urban People's School (SPR). The program is an application of the SPR concept which is a social innovation of IPB University.
In his remarks, Mohammad Ridwan as Head of the Kediri City Food and Agriculture Security Service (DKPP), said that his party strongly supports the People's Animal Sciences School (SPR) action plan initiated by Prof. Muladno through the DosPulKam Program of IPB University.
Professor Muladno, SPR's innovator explained about the Lecturer Homecoming Program with the proposed activities of the Gisik Brantas Sejahtera People's Animal Sciences School (GBS). He said that the development of the GBS SPR in the City of Kediri would be carried out with the community of residents of the Mojoroto Village. The development of SPR aims to optimize the management of a six-hectare land on the west side of the Brantas river in the form of a collective collective business in agriculture, animal sciences and fisheries.

"This DosPulKam activity aims to be an arena for participatory learning with the Mojoroto sub-district community and lecturers and students to make the landscape on the west side of the Brantas River more useful, productive, and sustainable in an atmosphere of gotong royong," explained Prof. Lecturer Going Home (DosPulKam) in the Hall of the Office of Food Security and Agriculture (DKPP) Kediri City, 9/5.

Furthermore, Prof. Muladno explained that the GBS SPR could be the location of the Merdeka Learning Campus (MBKM) for students of the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) and the Kadiri Islamic University (UNISKA). Thus, the community can interact directly and learn together with students. On this occasion, Dr. Didik Rudiono as Head of LPPM UNISKA was also present and several UNISKA lecturers.
Community representative, Bendot Danisworo said that this activity was the desire of the community around the Brantas River who saw that many SPR programs in Indonesia had been successful. He admitted that he would be very happy if it was done in Prof. Muladno's hometown.

"I was very touched when we conveyed this wish to Prof. Muladno and was welcomed by him with the DosPulKam Program of IPB University," said Bendot.
On the same occasion, Dr Anggraini Sukmawati as the SPR Team of IPB University told about the history of SPR. He also told the success stories of SPRs who had graduated to build a socio-business community and joined SASPRI as a forum for SPR Alumni. He said that so far, 62 SPRs have been formed, spread over 24 districts in 12 provinces.
Meanwhile, Dr Kaswanto explained the existing spatial conditions of the five zoning in Mojoroto Village. He said that the Water Front Landscape has the potential to be developed as a location for implementing SPR with the concept of agroedutourism.
Joni as the guardian of SASPRI Ngadiluwih, Kediri Regency told about the ups and downs of developing SPR in Kediri Regency to the success it is today. At the time of Eid that just passed, SASPRI Ngadiluwih managed to provide fresh meat at very friendly prices for the surrounding community. While another guardian, Sumarno added, "The key to the success of SPR in the community is Enthusiasm, Compact and Honest (SKJ)." (*)

Published Date : 14-May-2022

Resource Person : Profesor Muladno, Mohammad Ridwan , Dr Anggraini Sukmawati, Dr Kaswanto

Keyword : IPB SPR, community animal sciences school, livestock development, IPB innovation