FPIK IPB University Lecturer Proposes BEDI as a Measuring Tool for Blue Economy Success

Dr. Luky Adrianto, IPB University Lecturer from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) was a panelist at the International Conference on Ocean Economy and Climate Changes Adaptation, some time ago. In this activity, he presented material related to the blue economy. Dr Adrianto's contribution in this conference is an important part of IPB University's footprint in the international arena. Especially those that discuss marine economic issues which are also part of efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 14.
“As a country that has a sea area wider than its land, an economy based on marine ecosystems is one of the important locomotives for archipelagic countries, island countries, coastal countries or maritime countries. For this reason, a tracking tool is needed for development progress to be in accordance with the rules and principles. This measurement can be done through an instrument called BEDI (Blue Economy Development Index),” said Dr Luky Adrianto, a lecturer at the Department of Aquatic Resources Management  (MSP) of IPB University.
According to him, based on the European Commission, blue economy is all economic activities carried out related to sea waters. Meanwhile, according to the World Bank, the blue economy is the sustainable use of marine resources for economic growth.
“Blue economy is just a term without any measurement in its activities. So that the paradigm of creating an ocean-based economy, inclusive human ecosystem, creates job opportunities and entrepreneurial innovation," said the primary advisor to the Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Studies (PKSPL) IPB University.
He explained that it needed to be measured, especially for those dominated by the sea and maritime countries, making the sea one of its biggest sectors. "Based on that, the urgency of a measurement or index is needed in measuring the blue economy. BEDI can be used to measure the development of the blue economy in a country, especially for maritime countries," he said.
Apart from Dr Luky, this activity also featured Prof Manuel Barange, Director, Fisheries & Aquaculture Policy & Resources Division, Food and Agricultural Association (FAO), Christina Leala Gale, South Pacific Tourism Organization, Fiji and Dr Roland Roesch, Deputy Director, Irena Innovation and the Technology Center (IITC). (**/Zul) (IAAS/DND)

Published Date : 24-May-2022

Resource Person : Dr Luky Adrianto

Keyword : Blue Economy, BEDI, Blue Economic Development Index, IPB University, FPIK IPB, MSP IPB, PKSPL IPB,