Faculty of Veterinary Medicine IPB University Held an Open House for the Graduate Program of Animal Biomedical Studies

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (SKHB) IPB University had successfully held a Graduate Studies of Animal Biomedical Science Open House (Prodi IBH) year 2022 (09/04). The purpose of this event is to socialize the education and specialization program from Prodi IBH to new students.

The event with the theme "Upgrade Self Competence with the IBH Study Program" presented the SKHB Dean, SKHB Vice Dean, Head of the IBH Magister Study Program, Head of the IBH Doctoral Study Program, Specialization Coordinator from each division, alumni, active students of IBH Study Program and stakeholders related.

In his speech, the Dean of SKHB IPB University, Prof. Deni Noviana, said that science and technology are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and social changes are happening fast. "Improving the quality of learning and disciplines that are comprehensive and packaged in one study program with various specializations are expected to meet the needs and answer the challenges of these changes," added Prof Deni.

This activity also presented the Head of the IBH Magister Study Program, Prof Bambang Pontjo Priosoeryanto, and the Head of the IBH Doctoral Study Program, Dr. Chaerul Basri. "Time for the registration of IBH Study Program students follows the admission of new students organized by the Graduate School of IPB University," said Dr. Chaerul.

He said the registration of prospective new students consisted of the regular pathway, the research path (by research), the Magisters Education track to a Doctorate for Excellent Bachelors (PMDSU) for Outstanding Students who had just graduated from S1. And the International Student Path for the Developing Country Cooperation program. The prospective new students can register by these pathways through the website (http://admisi.ipb.ac.id).

"IBH Study Program has the responsibility to produce graduates at the postgraduate level who have the ability to master and apply science and technology in the field of veterinary medicine and biomedicine. That includes preclinical, paraclinical, and clinical sciences. They can apply it through an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approach," added Prof Bambang Pontjo. (ns/km/Zul) (IAAS/SNI)

Published Date : 11-Apr-2022

Resource Person : Prof Deni Noviana,Prof Bambang Pontjo

Keyword : IPB University, SKHB IPB, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Biomedical Sciences