Animal Production Technology Study Program Conducts Thematic Practicum for Students

Animal Production Technology Study Program, Faculty of Animal Science (Fapet) of IPB University carries out a thematic practicum for students. The thematic practicum activities will take place from March 30 to April 13. The implementation of this thematic practicum is in collaboration with PT ASputra Perkasa Makmur (ASPM).

Dr Idat Galih Permana, Dean of Fapet IPB University said the thematic practicum was aimed to prepare students to become entrepreneurs. Especially in the field of poultry, slaughter cattle, dairy cattle, including animals or animals of hope.

“This thematic practicum is an additional supplement to prepare students who are about to graduate. The partnership system offered is expected to be a trigger for students who are constrained by capital, but want to increase livestock productivity through upgrading the cage to a modern or closed house," said Dr Idat Galih Permana.

Meanwhile, Dr Tuti Suryati, Head of the Department of Animal Production and Technology (IPTP) IPB University expressed her gratitude that during online learning activities, students can take part in learning well. However, she said, scientific knowledge of livestock production technology cannot be completed online.

"So students have to go to the stables, have to know their livestock and have to know how to handle livestock, not only imagined or seen from videos but must practice directly," said Dr. Tuti Suryati.

The IPB University lecturer also suggested that students can improve their competencies and skills. Thus, after graduation, students can offer their competencies to companies.

Through the thematic practicum, students are introduced to the Paranje cage system. The business concept of Paranje is the concept of sharing economy between business people. The participation of people involved in the ecosystem shares their respective roles.

Daru Wiratomo, Production Lead of PT ASputra Perkasa Makmur said, Paranje uses a cage system with the latest model, namely a closed house which is loaned to partners. Borrowing is carried out during the collaboration so that partners are not burdened with investment costs.

“The maintenance system is monitored and guided by digital applications which is a new breakthrough in the livestock industry. This partnership is carried out with a profit-sharing pattern, which is the first time it has been implemented in Indonesia and is different from the conventional partnership system,” said Daru.

Iyep Komala as the Chair of the Committee said, during this pandemic, Fapet IPB University carried out more internal improvements. Thus, there is an opportunity to collaborate and share the facilities in the cage.

“Congratulations to the students who took part in the TPT Thematic Practicum. Hopefully, we can get a lot of benefits from this activity and we are always given health so that we can participate in all activities on campus and can further enhance Paranje promotions," concluded Iyep Komala. (Ans/RA) (IAAS/JUD)

Published Date : 05-Apr-2022

Resource Person : Dr Idat Galih Permana, Dr Tuti Suryati, Daru Wiratomo, Iyep Komala

Keyword : thematic practicum, Fapet IPB, IPB students, Paranje