Student of IPB University Achieve 3rd Place on Esri Young Scholars Award 2022

A student from Department of Forest Management, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, IPB University, Khadijah Nurul Lathifah succeed to win 3rd place in the 2022 Esri Young Scholars Award (EYSA) Competition, (7/4). EYSA is an annual competition organized by Esri Indonesia, the world's leading geospatial software development company.

This competition is participated by undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout Indonesia who study spatial disciplines. In this competition, participants compete to create innovation and creativity in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for positive purposes.

In this competition, the student who is familiarly called Nurul brought the idea of using GIS technology to help manage the Alas Purwo National Park (TN Alas Purwo). “I developed the Forcam platform. An acronym for Forest Conservation Area Management, a site that provides applications for solving geospatial system problems in Alas Purwo National Park. This site integrates technology developed by Esri to collect information and record the location of endangered animals in Alas Purwo National Park,” he said.

According to him, Forcam also provides information about the target locations of forest and land rehabilitation activities according to the priority level in Alas Purwo National Park. “I want to reduce the use of written reports that have been used by surveyors in the field, which tend to be more at risk of being lost and damaged. These written reports were replaced with field reporting technology developed by Esri. With the support of this technology, management will be able to quickly find out a picture of conditions in the field because all data will immediately appear on an informative dashboard. So that it can help make decisions more quickly and precisely, "he explained.

The judges who attended this competition were GIS practitioners from four different agencies, namely the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Binus University, PT Eksplorasi Nusa Jaya and Esri Indonesia. Based on the assessment, Nurul was then crowned as the third winner.

As one of the winners, Nurul is entitled to several attractive prizes such as tuition assistance, Esri Technical Certification Exam vouchers, ArcGIS license, some money, trophies, and merchandise. In addition, Forcam (the work carried out by Nurul), also has the opportunity to be displayed at the Esri User Conference which is held globally every year. (**/Zul) (IAAS/MSA)


Published Date : 11-Apr-2022

Resource Person : Khadijah Nurul Lathifah

Keyword : GIS, IPB University, IPB students, IPB achievements, Esri Young Scholars Award