Having Dr Sofyan Sjaf, Government of Mekarsari-Cianjur Village will Implement Precise Village Data

Dr Sofyan Sjaf socialized the innovation of Precise Village Data (DDP) in front of the head of the village and several public figures in the residence of The Head of Mekarsari Village Agrabinta District Cianjur Regency, (18/04).

The Vice Head for Community Services from Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM) IPB University attended the event to fulfill the invitation from Mekarsari Village Government. He claimed that DDP is a solution needed to overcome policy-making problems.

“At this moment, IPB University has already found an innovation of data collection to end the 76 years of data polemics in Indonesia. We developed various technological instruments to ease precise village development,” said Dr Sofyan, the founder of DDP. Furthermore, he said, the efficiency of accurate data comes from the village. The innovation of DDP was found through spatial approach, participatory, census, and digital technology. DDP is able to thoroughly and precisely describe the condition of the village.

“Precise Village Data has a high level of accuracy to give an actual description so that it can be the basis for village development planning. Besides, the idea of DDP will be stagnant and meaningless if it is not becoming a juridical norm or through political decisions,” he mentioned.

On the same occasion, Teguh Ferdieta Noercahya, SH, The Head of Mekarsari Village, said that the village government and villagers of Mekarsari Village were delighted by the presence of IPB University. It is because they have been facing problems related to data.

“My friends and I agreed that the land conflicts in this village could be solved with a concrete database through the spatial mapping by DDP,” Teguh said.
Furthermore, he added that if Mekarsari Village had such detailed and thorough data, the village could fulfill their needs through existing data by implementing the Precise Village Data method.

Lastly, he wished that the DDP could improve village development in Mekarsari Village.
“We hope that DDP can be the answer to every problem in the village, especially the ones related to data. As the Mekarsari Village Government, we will immediately implement DDP since it is very much required for the village development planning,” he concluded. (DNG/Zul) (IAAS/AZZ)

Published Date : 20-Apr-2022

Resource Person : Dr Sofyan Sjaf, Teguh Ferdieta Noercahya, SH

Keyword : IPB University, LPPM, DDP, Mekarsari Village