Skilled in Software Engineer with Management of Informatics Study Program IPB University Vocational School

The Vocational School (SV) of IPB University has an Management of Informatics Study Program which produces graduates with skills in the field of software engineering who are able to create software and multimedia-based digital products such as Augmented Reality. "We offer a project-based learning concept based on base learning (real projects) and have many collaborations with industry. So that students learn and gain experience working with industry. Students will learn about the development of digital products, both in the form of web-based and mobile-based applications," said Sofiyanti Indriasari, SKom, MKom as Head of the Management of Informatics Study Program, SV IPB University.

He continued, related to data analysis (one of which is statistics), the Management of Informatics Study Program builds applications that are useful to assist reporting of a business process, as well as to support decisions in organizations.
“When doing practical learning, students are faced with real clients from various industries. And when they graduate, students can be said to be fresh graduates who are full of work experience," he said.

According to him, the various advantages of the Management of Informatics Study Program are supported by various advanced facilities. Such as computer laboratories, programming laboratories, RPL (Software Engineering) laboratories, Information Technology (IT) project laboratories, data science laboratories and equipped with collaboration laboratories, namely the Internet of things (IoT) laboratory.

“Through these facilities, students can have competence as software engineers. Those are people who are able to develop software to help business processes, competence to build multimedia products both 2D and 3D and integrate them in the form of augmented reality such as mobile applications," he said.

Sofiyanti revealed that this study program was not spared from innovation in various fields. "We want to build software technology related to agriculture. Such as digitizing livestock farming, digitizing poultry husbandry, digital learning application for agriculture, and so on, which of course works with other study programs (multidisciplinary) to create various innovations, " he said.

In addition, according to him, the Management of Informatics Study Program has become a regular winner in the Indonesian Vocational Student Olympiad (Olivia). This Study Program also received an award as Best Delegate in the “International Youth Connect on Entrepreneurship” program with the theme “Digital Innovation and the Future of Digital Entrepreneurship” which was held in Singapore and Malaysia. Another excellent program is the Student Exchange conducted with the Philippines and Malaysia.

“Currently we are preparing for the elevation from D3 (Intermediate Expert) to D4 (Applied Bachelor) and hopefully this can be implemented quickly. I hope that the Management of Informatics Study Program will become a leading study program in producing competent graduates in the fields of software engineering, multimedia product development and data analysis, so that they can certainly contribute to agriculture in Indonesia," he said. (*) (IAAS/GLE)

Published Date : 28-Mar-2022

Resource Person : Sofiyanti Indriasari, SKom, MKom

Keyword : Management of Informatics, Vocational School, IPB University, INF Study Program, Software Engineer