Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program IPB University Vocational School Ready to Print Outstanding and Qualified Graduates

The Study Program of Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture is one of the study programs in the Vocational School of IPB University. This study program produces competent and professional middle experts and entrepreneurs in producing aquaculture products.

“The fishery products we cultivate consist of freshwater fisheries, brackish water fisheries and seawater fisheries as well as ornamental fish cultivation. Aquaculture starts from seed size to consumption size. We also study matters relating to the handling and procurement of production facilities and harvest yields, profitably and sustainably,” said Dr. Wiyoto as Head of the Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program.

He explained that there are several competencies that can be obtained by students of the Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program.
“Later on, students will be able to produce fish and other aquatic commodities such as shrimp, shellfish, and algae, both in terms of seed size and consumption profitably. They are also able to handle the procurement and maintenance of production facilities and aquaculture products effectively and efficiently. And able to carry out business activities on an economic scale," he said.

According to him, during learning, students are provided with representative facilities such as complete laboratory facilities. It includes a computer laboratory, a microbiology laboratory, a water physics and chemistry laboratory, a natural feed laboratory, a fish health laboratory and a mini laboratory for the manufacture of fish feed.

"The study program also has a collaboration facility with the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB University in the development of fish cultivation with the Indoor RAS system (Recirculating Aquaculture System Indoor). In addition to facilities on campus, Study Program can also use IPB's PKSPL (Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Study) facilities, namely Sea Farming in the Thousand Islands for marine aquaculture practices," he said.

Dr Wiyoto said that apart from facilities, this study program has other advantages.
“The advantage of studying in this Study Program is that students can access and use complete and adequate facilities. The study program has also received Superior Accreditation. We have very adequate teaching staff, both in terms of skills, expertise and theory and have specific competencies. So that students get knowledge according to a competent teaching team," he said.

In addition, he said there are job prospects that can be filled by graduates of the Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program.
"Graduates can work in various companies such as aquaculture (fish hatchery and rearing), producer companies and distributor agents for fishery production facilities (seeds, feed, medicines, aquaculture equipment), government and private institutions (research and development institutions, engineering institutes), fish quarantine, bureaucracy and technical implementing units, aquatic tourism) and as entrepreneurs in the field of aquaculture production," he added.

A number of innovations continue to be developed, he continued. These innovations include a shrimp cultivation system with Indoor RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System Indoor) in collaboration with FPIK IPB University and PT Parigi Akuakultura Prima. In addition, this study program has created an automation system in aquaculture and a teaching farm model in aquaculture activities.

“Various achievements have been made by students of the Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program. Such as 1st Runner Up for Outstanding Presentation and Best Innovation at the International Summer Course on Sustainability of Tropical Animal Production. At the international level, being the 2nd Winner of Best Participant in the 3rd International Summer Course IPB University Vocational School," he said.

Dr Wiyoto hopes that the Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program will become a leading provider of vocational education in the field of aquaculture at the national level and become a reliable and superior partner for the aquaculture industry. (*) (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 28-Mar-2022

Resource Person : Dr Wiyoto

Keyword : Fisheries, Aquaculture, Vocational School, IPB University, IKN Study Program