Diaspora Mentoring Leader HA IPB University Successfully Attracts Participants' Interest Twice Compared to Last Year

The Central Executive Board (DPP) of the IPB University Alumni Association (HA) is back with the Diaspora Talk V activity as well as the launching of Diaspora Mentoring Batch 2 online, 26/03. This flagship program, which has been built for two years, has attracted more than double the interest of participants compared to the previous year. This program is held from April to December 2022. Its mission is to help young alumni of IPB University prepare for further education abroad.

The chairman of the DPP HA IPB University, Walneg S Jas, explained that this program is very strategic to build a diaspora network of IPB University alumni abroad. He also explained that other activities were also developed to improve the reputation of IPB University in the international world. Not only that, these activities are also aimed at helping the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (IKU) in increasing IPB University graduates to study abroad, facilitating student development through international internship programs, including academic and non-academic collaborations.

Walneg continued, another mission that is no less important is to facilitate the diaspora to further develop in terms of achievements to their careers. Both internationally and domestically. He gave high appreciation for the consistency and commitment of DPP HA IPB University in developing the diaspora network program.

The Rector of IPB University, Professor Arif Satria revealed, the Diaspora Mentoring Leader program is an extraordinary idea. He hopes that, through this program, IPB University alumni can have the competence and opportunities as global players. According to him, IPB University alumni are not enough to become local champions but must become global champions.

“This vision must be immediately revealed in various steps, strategies, and solid execution. This leader mentoring program is part of us to realize this dream, "said Prof. Arif.

He said, diaspora is an asset of IPB University that must be optimized together. The experience and competence of the mentors are also expected to inspire young alumni of IPB University to be passionate about having big dreams.

“IPB University alumni must go global and this is a necessity. The DPP HA IPB University program is very strategic to bring our optimism to make IPB University a World Class University," said Prof. Arif Satria.

Meanwhile, Dr Mukhamad Najib, Attaché for Education and Culture (Atdikbud) RI Canberra was also present as a keynote speaker. He gives motivation to prospective mentees who have a strong desire to continue their studies in Australia.

He explained that there are traces of a long history of Indonesian immigrants to Australia. These immigrants hope to find a better life. The reason is, Australia is considered a place that can promise hope and freedom. One of them is freedom of learning and this reason is still relevant today.

Currently, said Najib, the number of Indonesian students in Australia is around 12,000 students. He said the ranking of universities in Australia was considered very good and the quality of education was one of the best in the world. In fact, there are 11 universities that are included in the world's Top 200. In addition, students also have the opportunity to get quite a lot of side jobs.

“Indonesian graduates in Australia can also directly continue working there. There are also plenty of opportunities to get scholarships, especially for international students," he explained.

In addition to scholarships from institutions in Australia, the Indonesian government also has several scholarship schemes. For example, Australia has become a favorite destination for recipients of the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) scholarship. Indonesian students also have the opportunity to participate in student exchanges through the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA).

"The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra always supports the development and cooperation of education and research with Australia. In addition, we also bring together researchers to promote Indonesian language and culture in Australia. Especially, to support alumni to prepare to continue their studies in Australia," said Najib.

On the same occasion, several diaspora and alumni of IPB University were also present who have careers in Australia and also motivate the mentees. Some of them are Riandy Laksono, Chair of PPI Australian National University (ANU), Dede I Kurniawan, Communications and Promotion Manager at AAI (Australia Awards in Indonesia), and Dr Salut Muhidin, Lecturer at Macquarie University. (MW) (IAAS/IRN)

Published Date : 28-Mar-2022

Resource Person : Walneg S Jas, Profesor Arif Satria, Dr Mukhamad Najib

Keyword : IPB Alumni, IPB HA, IPB diaspora, IPB students