IPB Graduate Best Seller Writer Gives Inspiration to Prospective Graduates

The prospective graduates of IPB University Phase III for the Academic Year 2021/2022 have received online career briefing. The event was held in collaboration with the Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (DitmawaPK) with the IPB Vocational School in the Vocational School Pre-Graduation Studium Generale on Tuesday (15/02).

The career briefing still piqued the enthusiasm of the participants, even though it was held online. This activity is expected to increase the capacity of prospective graduates and sharpen their skills. Especially in achieving comfort in their career.

Nur Fajri Rahmawati, SP CRS, Senior Manager Recruitment and Training of DitmawaPK IPB University informed about preparation and career exploration. According to her, career preparation takes a long time, so it must be started early.

"Careers are long-term, so students must begin to realize what interests and talents are in line with their careers," she said.

She continued, graduates must have high flexibility, especially in an era of uncertainty that is increasingly difficult to predict. Not only that, the industrial world has entered the metaverse era so personal branding is also important to build a career.

"The use of digital platforms must be put to good use, so that they have an extraordinary digital footprint. Of course, they must have relevance to the needs of the audience, followed by the quality of branding," she explained.

He also emphasized that since one was a student, one had to start exploring his uniqueness and interest in determining his career path. By honing their interests and abilities, the entrepreneurial spirit is also developed. As a result, one will get a career sweet spot or comfort in his career. This is because the career one has is in accordance with one’s interests, and all one’s needs are met.

"Working with passion or interest will be easier and it will be more enjoyable to do because there is a strong interest and there is a sense of fun when we do it," he said.

Meanwhile, the author of a best-selling motivational book and an alumnus of IPB University, Indra Sugiarto also provided inspiration. Motivational books that he has published include Taman Berjuang, Tumbuh dari Luka, and Berlari di Tengah Hujan. He talked about what benefits he had obtained after studying at IPB University until now he has a career as an entrepreneur and content creator.

The founder and CEO of PT Inspirasi Masuk Kampus has cultivated his entrepreneurial talent since he entered college at the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University. Since he was in college, Indra began to actively teach chemistry until he focused on tutoring business. He admitted, his public speaking and business skills are some of the roles of IPB University in educating its students.

Indra admitted that studying at IPB University has also changed his perspective in creative thinking. Of course, the business world requires high creativity to survive. He is also determined to help high school students to organize their careers from an early age. He admitted, they can do that by using the blue ocean principle and utilizing digital platforms.

He also admitted that he did not expect that the public speaking skills he had honed since the beginning of college had led him to become an inspirational writer. "So try to see or be aware of what we say. If it's just to provide information or impact," he said when giving tips to be a good public speaker. (MW) (IAAS/AGL)

Published Date : 16-Feb-2022

Resource Person : Nur Fajri Rahmawati, SP CRS, Indra Sugiarto

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