Wow! 2 Lecturers of IPB University Enters the Top 100 Indonesian Scientists in Business and Management

IPB University is strengthening its existence in non-agricultural scientific. This is proven by the recognition of its two lecturers as the Top 100 Indonesian Scientists in Business and Management. The two lecturers are included in the world ranking list issued by the AD Scientific Index (Alper-Doger Scientific Index). They are Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) and Dr. Mukhamad Najib from the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM).

The basis for the assessment and ranking of scientists as reported by the AD Scientific Index page is based on the productivity and effectiveness of researchers' work in the last five years. The number of indicators presented in this ranking include the h-index, i10 index, and citation.
Based on information released by AD Scientific Index regarding the Top 100 Scientists 2022, it is known that Prof. Ujang Sumarwan has an H-index: 21 with an I10 index: 46 and citation: 6871. Meanwhile, Dr. Mukhamad Najib has an H-index: 19 with an I10 index: 43 and citation: 1647.

This achievement has placed Prof. Ujang and Dr. Najib in the 39th and 58th place of the Top 100 Indonesian Scientists in Business and Management Scientists in 2022.
Prof. Ujang Sumarwan has been known as a marketing expert with a lot of publication experience. So far, Prof. Ujang has published many books that have become references in various campuses in Indonesia. Apart from writing books and publications in various scientific journals, Prof. Ujang is also active in writing in the mass media, both newspapers and magazines.

Prof. Ujang who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology of IPB University, is currently trusted to be the President of the Asian Association of Consumer Interest and Marketing (AACIM).

Meanwhile, Dr. Mukhamad Najib has expertise in strategic marketing with a focus on research and publications on the topic of developing organic food businesses and small and medium enterprises (SME) in Indonesia. This former Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of IPB University besides having published several books has also written in various national and international journals on the topic of SME and organic food. Currently, Dr. Najib is active as Education and Culture Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

According to Prof. Ujang, this kind of ranking is very good as a self-evaluation tool as a scientist. "In principle, I am grateful that my works have received recognition both at the national and international levels. But more importantly for me, this ranking can be used as a tool for self-evaluation and introspection. How far has my scientific productivity been as a lecturer and how far my work has an impact on society,” explained Prof. Ujang, who has also led the Business School of IPB University.

Meanwhile, Dr Najib revealed that his duties as a lecturer were not only teaching, but also researching and writing publications. Published scientific works, according to Dr. Najib, can be a reference and a source of shared learning.
Therefore, according to him, the ranking carried out by the AD Scientific Index can encourage lecturers in Indonesia to be more productive in writing and publishing in reputable journals. (**/Zul) (IAAS/DND)

Published Date : 20-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Dr Mukhamad Najib, Prof Ujang Sumarwan

Keyword : Achievement, IPB University, IPB Lecturers, AD Scientific Index, Top 100 Indonesian Scientists in Business and Management