Two of IPB University Lecturers in Marine Science Makes World Top 100 List of Agriculture and Forestry Scientists 2022

Two lecturers of IPB University’s Department of Marine Science and Technology have made their mark in the global scientific platform as they enter the World Top 100 Agriculture & Forestry Scientists 2022 list according to the Alper-Doger Scientific Index. These two lecturers are Prof Dietriech G Bengen and Dr Hawis Madduppa who have been evaluated on productivity and performance effectivity within the last five years based on several indicators including the h-index, i10index, and citations.

As written on the AD Scientific Index on the World Top 100 Agriculture & Forestry Scientists 2022, within the last five years, Prof Dietriech Geoffrey Bengen has a h-index of 23, i10-index of 54 and 2408 citations while Dr Hawis Madduppa has a h-index of 18, i10-index of 41 and 1147 citations. These indicators place Prof Dietriech in 13th place and Dr Hawis in 40th of the World Top 100 Agriculture & Forestry Scientists 2022.

Prof Dietriech, who is also the Head of Editorial Staff for Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Kelautan Tropis (Translates to: Journal of Tropical Marine Science and Technology), has conducted multiple research projects and published publications in the field of ecology and marine management. He has also been very actively involved in both national and international webinars and trainings. This achievement shows real contributions of lecturers in developing and disseminating science through research results.

While Dr Hawis Madduppa, who is the Head of IPB University’s Department of Marine Science and Technology, has published a respectable number of research results in the field of marine biodiversity, marine biology, population genetics, DNA Barcoding, and Environmental DNA. Dr Hawis is also an active author and educator though social media platforms. On research, Dr Hawis expressed that publication is not only essential in spreading the benefit of knowledge, but also acts as a way in which one can evaluate themselves in writing, conveying results, and scope of research conducted. He further admits that the recent ranking achievement could be used to evaluate and motivate productivity in writing and research publication.

Published Date : 24-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Dr Hawis Madduppa, Prof Dietriech

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