IPB University Socialize SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Admission Programs in 2022

As a means to establish a remarkable generation, IPB University will accept new prospective students through some admission selection programs. To spread the news, IPB University conducted socialization for State University National Entrance Selection (SNMPTN), Computer Based Test - State University National Entrance Exam (UTBK-SBMPTN), and IPB University Admission Program 2022 on 23/01/2022.

In his speech, Prof Arif Satria, Rector of IPB University, stated “We want to present that IPB University is striving to understand the situation to create adaptive graduates in facing changes,” he said. He thought that we are currently in an era full of volatility, thus bringing disappearance and emergence in work fields.

“Nevertheless, our preparation in facing that rapid volatility is the most important. We intend to provide a curriculum which is capable of creating adaptable graduates” he adds. On top of that, Prof Arif conveys that the world is developing and changing. In response to that, an appropriate mindset is needed to look upon the future.

“In any situation, if God wills, IPB University graduates can be agile learners since we have a great soft skill and strong mentality. It is included in our 2020 Curriculum, way before the Merdeka Belajar Program” he explains.

This socialization presents SNMPTN Field Coordinator - State University Entrance Exam Agency (LTMPT) 2021, Prof Yonny Koesmaryono. Through his presentation, he requested the school to ensure the rank of eligible students before finalizing the data.

“The school should only finalize the data after the rank of eligible students is considered correct. No changes are allowed after finalization. Please fill the grades for all students, which can be filled one at a time or entirely imported using Comma Separated Value (CSV). Kindly make sure the finalization is carried out after the data is considered correct. Grade finalization is the last step of School and Student Database (PDSS) filling.” he repeats.

In the meantime, Vice Rector of Education and Students Affairs, Dr Drajat Martianto, explains various IPB University’s admission tracks in his presentation, namely Chairman of the Student Body Track, International and National Achievement (PIN) Track, Regional Representative Scholarship (BUD) Track, IPB University Computer Based Entrance Test (UTMBK), International Class, and Western State University Entrance Exam (SMM PTN-Barat).

He elaborates the requirements of the Chairman of the Student Body Track, which: former chairman of the student body in high school – proven by Cover Letter and Chairman of the Student Body Inauguration Decree from Principal, expected to graduate from high school in the following year and majoring in Science Studies, average Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology grade of 5 semesters not less than 80, willing to achieve leadership, entrepreneurial, and other training.

“Eligible students for the PIN Track are high school students who expected to graduate in the same year as the IPB University admission period. Students are considered outstanding when they receive achievement in international or national competitions, such as scientific paper competition, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Informatics Olympiad, Scouts, Sports, Arts, and Hafizh,” he explains.

Meanwhile, for the BUD Track, he defines, applicants’ age should not exceed 25 years old, SMA/MA/SMK academic report of 5 semesters at least 70,00 for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, obtains sponsorship from the government or partner company.

“For UTMBK, applicants are graduated students from SMA/MA/SMK majoring in Science Studies in the last three years. The selection will be conducted using a computer-based test,” he adds. Regarding the International Class, Dr Drajat explains there are two admission intakes, which Intake 1 (for Indonesian Citizen/WNI) where selection is carried out based on academic reports for the graduates in the following year and Intake 2 (for WNI and Foreign Citizen/WNA) where selection is carried out through entrance exam (UTMBK) for graduates in the last three years.

“SMM PTN-Barat Program is one of the state university admission programs which is held by each university at the same time. SMM-PTN Barat is an admission program where applicants are selected based on Computer Based Test (UTBK) result that is held together under the coordination of the SMM PTN-Barat organizing committee.(*) (IAAS/SAF)

Published Date : 24-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria, Dr Drajat Martianto

Keyword : IPB University Admission, SNMPTN, UTBK, SBMPTN, UTMBK, Chairman of the Student Body, PIN, BUD, IPB International Class, SMM PTN-Barat