IPB University and USANA Health Hand Over Garden Tower to Women Farmers Group (KWT)

IPB University with USANA Health Science gives garden tower to farmer groups, 16/1. The presence of the garden tower is expected to help the community to fulfill their nutritional and protein needs.

Dr. Akhmad Arifin Hadi as Chief Executive of Pilot Project Garden Tower explained that the garden tower is a vegetable plants' vertical planting method. He said the material used was tarpaulin which was made in a circle. The tarpaulin is filled with rice husk charcoal, organic fertilizer, and a small amount of soil media. 

"We have distributed 105 garden tower kits consisting of tarpaulins, vegetable seeds such as pakcoy, caisim, green lettuce, red lettuce, spinach, kale, chili, tomatoes, and celery," he explained.

The Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture at IPB University continued, that his party had also distributed 420 sacks of rice husk charcoal and organic fertilizer. The kits, he said, have been distributed to 21 women's farmer groups.

The women farmer groups in question including KWT Agrianita Faculty of Forestry and Environment IPB University, KWT Agrianita Faculty of Animal Science, KWT Agrianita Faculty of Agriculture, KWT Agrianita Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, KWT Agrianita Faculty of Agricultural Technology, KWT Agrianita Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, KWT Agrianita School of Business, KWT Agrianita Vocational School.

Meanwhile KWTs from outside IPB University including KWT Melati Cikarawang, KWT Sekar Asri Cikarawang, KWT Asri Bubulak, KWT Flamboyan Empang, KWT Sejahtera Benteng, KWT Jayadewata Lestari Balumbangjaya, KWT Sereh Wangi, and KWT Mulyaharja.

The Rector of IPB University, Professor Arif Satria said this garden tower is very beneficial for the community. He mentioned, in providing benefits, it must be done sustainably. Not only that, as educated people, we have to provide benefits that give a big impact on our surroundings. 

"As an educated person, it's time to provide extraordinary benefits, to be more impactful and sustainable," he said. 

He also explained that IPB University continues to try to provide benefits to the community through its innovations. With this innovation, he said, IPB University tries to inspire a wider community.

"IPB University doesn't only produce innovations for the community, but with those innovations, IPB University continues to encourage the community to participate in creating innovations," he explained.

Regarding the garden tower, the General Manager of USANA Healthy Science, Charles Suhada explained, the purpose of this garden tower project is to provide healthy food for the community. He explained that at the global level, it is targeted to build 30 thousand garden tower packages. 

"One garden tower can feed about four to five people in three meals a day, and this can be continuous not a month out but will be sustainable," he explained. 

He targets 10,000 Indonesians who can benefit from the existence of the garden tower. "I invite the community to have a positive impact on others by continuing to inspire through the garden tower," he concluded. (IAAS/MNR)

Published Date : 19-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Dr Akhmad Arifin Hadi, Profesor Arif Satria

Keyword : garden tower, food nutrition, yard, vertical garden