Dean of IPB University Giving Literature Review Dissertation and Article Writing Training for Highschool teacher in West Java

Writing is one of key competences that a lecturer must have. Beside scientific article, good writing can also be used as a medium of communication in conveying information, opinions, and lobbying. 

This is explained by Prof Ujang Sumarwan, Dean Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB University in Literature Review Dissertation and Article Writing Training to teachers in West Java Highschool in writing scientific article. This training aims to increase teacher competence in writing scientific article at West Java .
As an academic, writing an scientifics paper is a must. Prof Ujang explained that collecting scientific article before writing is an important step. “ with collecting scientific article, a writer can develop a new invention.,” said Expert of Consumer Behavior, IPB University.

He said that 50% dissertation can be completed when the literature review is complete. There are no rules that limit the number of scientific article that can be used as the basis for literature review, writers must read continuously and find the relevant scientific article  until they discover the innovation. 

“Try to use new scientific article. First, we can use scientific articles from five years back. If we still haven't found the innovation, we can use 5 years ahead,” He explained. According to him, the scientific article that used to be literature review must be relevant with the topic to be written. 

‘A person's educational level determines the depth of analysis of scientific articles.The higher educational level of the author, the more in-depth the literature review should be.For example, undergraduate student only doing data analysis, graduate student doing data analysis and formulate managerial implication, and postgraduate student doing data analysis, formulate the innovation, and create the  innovation,” He said. 

Ruly Budiman, one of the training participants, said the material explained by Prof Ujang is very useful. Considering the current high school curriculum requires students to make scientific article. “ The information in this training needs to be shared with other teachers because it is very useful,” He said. (IAAS/ASJ)

Published Date : 21-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Prof Ujang Sumarwan, Ruly Budiman

Keyword : IPB University, Dean, Scientific article, Writing, Highschool Teacher