IPB University’s Faculty of Economics and Management and Economic Science Enters Top 25 Percent of Indonesia’s Best Institutions and Economists

IPB University’s Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) and Department of Economic Science (IE) have successfully entered the Top 25% of Indonesia’s Best Institutions and Economists per December 2021 according to IDEAS/RePEc. IPB’s FEM is within the Top 10 of the list with an author score of 11.28, 11 authors and author share score of 9.15.

The Dean of FEM, Prof Nunung Nuryartono conveyed that in addition to supporting knowledge-based economy, performance in publication is one of the most important indicators to become a World Class University and Research-Based University. He also explained that publications written by FEM lecturers show real contribution of the lecturers and increase the visibility of the institution. IPB University’s Department of Economic Science, on the other hand, placed 11th with an author score of 14.47 from 5 authors. Dr Sahara, Head of the Economic Science Department showed her gratitude in regard to the achievement, especially considering that the department is still relatively new. With strengths in econometrics and other quantitative analysis, the progress of economists from this department has been widely recognized in scientific publication, on both national and international levels.

IDEAS/RePEc is a website which provides links to various research rankings in the economics and related fields. On its page, it is mentioned that there are 8,490 institutions with 63,606 registered authors which have been included for the ranking evaluation.

Several of FEM’s lecturers have also ranked within the top 25% of the list of Top Authors in Indonesia, including Prof Hermanto Siregar, Dr Tony Irawan, Prof Nunung Nuryartono, Dr Syamsul Hidayat Pasaribu, Dr Iman Sugema, Dr Mohammad Iqbal Irfany, and Dr Amzul Rifin

Published Date : 25-Jan-2022

Resource Person : Prof Nunung Nuryartono

Keyword : IPB University, Department of Economic Science IPB, Faculty of Economics and Management IPB