Lecturers Serve IPB University Teach Residents of Cihideung Ilir Bogor How to Process Agricultural Waste into Biopellets

A Serving Lecturer from the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering (TMB) Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB University, teaches residents of Cihideung Ilir, Bogor how to process biomass waste into biopellets. The training activities were carried out in the Cihideung Ilir Village Office Hall and at the Student Renewable Energy Field Laboratory of IPB University's Siswadhi Supadrjo, some time ago.

This activity aims to provide information and knowledge about the conversion of agricultural biomass waste into biopellets as alternative fuel energy. Apart from knowing how to make biopellets, residents were also taught how to use a stove or biomass stove for household use.

In his speech, To Cihideung Ilir Village, H Ilman said that the potential for agricultural waste in the village has not been widely utilized and is only left on the land. So it is hoped that there will be technology that can be applied in the village to process the waste into more useful products.

In line with this, to the Renewable Energy Engineering Division of the TMB IPB University Department, Dr. Edy Hartulistiyoso said that the conversion of biomass waste into alternative fuels could be a solution in fulfilling access to energy in rural areas.

According to him, previously the Precision Village Data (DDP) team, IPB University Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) conducted measurements and identified the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cihideung Ilir Village. Of the total number of five community pillars in the village, the average score for energy access goals is 5.54 out of a scale of 10. This shows that the average villager has not yet received adequate and sufficient energy access. "Biopellet can act as a complementary to LPG gas energy which is sometimes difficult to obtain due to scarcity in the market and increasing prices," he explained.

In this training, the lecturers who attended were Ir Sri Endah Agustina, MS who gave material on the technology of converting biomass waste into biobriquettes and biopellets, Dr. Dyah Wulandani who provided material on economic analysis and biopellets production for small and medium scale enterprises (UKM) village and Lilis Sucahyo, STP, MSi who gave the practice of making biobriquettes, biopellets and the use of biomass stoves. At the end of the activity, a biomass stove and a biopellet package were also symbolically presented which were handed over to village officials to become a means of training and learning for the community. (*) (IAAS/UBI)

Published Date : 31-Jan-2022

Resource Person : H Ilman, Dr Edy Hartulistiyoso, Ir Sri Endah Agustina, MS

Keyword : Serving Lecturer, Renewable Energy, Biopellet, LPPM, IPB University