IPB University Student Portal Supports Freedom of Learning - Independence Campus (MBKM) Activities

IPB University socializes the Student Portal to support the Freedom of Learning activities at the Independence Campus (MBKM), 13/12. The student portal is an application intended for IPB University students to support academic and student activities.

Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet, Director of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) IPB University, said that in the last four years IPB University has gradually carried out a digital transformation. The main purpose of this digital transformation is to improve services to stakeholders, one of which is IPB University students.
"Many information systems have been developed by IPB University, both web-based and mobile applications," said Dr Alim in the Student Portal Socialization organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University, 13/12.

Therefore, he continued, the Directorate of Information Systems and Digital Transformation (DSITD) of IPB University then carried out the integration. The integration starts from data to the integration of various systems. The result is a Student Portal with the studentportal.ipb.ac.id page for students and an HR Portal with the hrportal.ipb.ac.id page for lecturers.

“Student Portal can accommodate academic needs, student affairs, and so on. The Student Portal is related to reporting, acknowledging, and equalizing the Freedom of Learning - Independence Campus (MBKM) program and multi-activity," explained Dr Alim.

The features available in the Student Portal are related to academics, student affairs, and so on that support students. Dr Alim said that the student features included scholarships, MBKM activity reporting, exchanges, and submission of competition proposals.

“So if students take part in the competition and need funding, submit their proposals through the Student Portal. In the Student Portal, there are also health service features such as the creation of a collective BPJS. There is also the matter of managing single tuition fees (UKT),” he explained.

According to the Assistant Director of Educational Planning and Information, Directorate of Educational Administration and Admission Management (DAPPMB) IPB University, Angga Yuhistira Aryanto, the Student Portal is a combination of the Academic Information System (Simak) and the Student Information System (Simawa) IPB University.

"It is hoped that with this one door, students will have no difficulty opening various portals," he said. Furthermore, Angga said, the Student Portal supports MBKM activities. He said the recognition and equalization of MBKM activities could be carried out in one such system.

"Equalizing courses means that the activities are on par with courses at IPB University. If the acknowledgment of the activity courses is such as student exchange, the courses are taken from universities that are followed outside IPB University, "he explained.

In the MBKM evaluation, students obtain permission and consult with the driving lecturer, fill out Study Plan Cards (KRS) and Activity Reports (BAA) on the studentportal.ipb.ac.id page, and make activity claims.

"Meanwhile, the supervising lecturer evaluates the BAA submitted by students on the hrportal.ipb.ac.id page," he said.

After being claimed by the student, the team appointed by the study program will provide quality letters from activities that are equivalent to the course. The study program team reports to the Simak operator to input the value of the equivalency course on the website.ipb.ac.id.

“The four parties play a key role in the MBKM equalization process. So, students must coordinate and consult with their supervisors, students also coordinate with the study program team of the academic commission (komdik) and the student commission (komsis), and finally to the operator, "he concluded. (MHT) (IAAS/YHY)

Published Date : 15-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Dr Alim Setiawan Slamet, Angga Yuhistira Aryanto

Keyword : Student Portal, MBKM, Students, Ditmawa PK, DSITD, DAPPMB