IPB University Vocational School Holds Discussion on Elevation of Diploma 3 Program to Applied Bachelor

The Industrial Management Study Program, IPB University Vocational School held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Elevation of the Diploma Three Program to Applied Bachelors, earlier this month at the BLST Building IPB Taman Kencana Bogor.

The FGD was attended by the Chair of the Vocational School Senate, Dr. Daisy DSJ Tambajong and resource persons from academia, namely Dr. Mustofa as Director of the STMI Jakarta Polytechnic. Resource persons from industry, namely Ir Nina Martha Maghdalena as PPIC Manager of HR Learning & Development of PT Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries and Bagus Bambang Wibowo as Manager of HR Learning & Development of PT. Sri Rejeki Isman, Tbk.

In his presentation, Dr. Mustofa said that the third diploma program to become an applied scholar must consider the public's interest and industry needs.

“The focus of applied undergraduates is mastery of technology to develop innovation. For industrial management, it is appropriate to apply for an applied degree because the era is already an applied degree, no longer a diploma," he said.

Meanwhile, Ir Nina Martha Maghdalena said that the company expects fresh graduates who can apply the theory of lectures obtained in the world of work optimally.

"In the teaching system, it is hoped that there will be more case studies and the introduction of automation systems so that students get a real picture of working in the field. A balanced lecture system between theory and practicum is a good choice so that students get a real picture of the work system in the field," he said.

Bagus Bambang Wibowo added that in the employee recruitment process, hard and soft skill points are needed in a balanced way, not just one.

“As for the career path in the company, both D3 and D4 opportunities are widely open and adapted to the needs of the existing position. Production Planning and Control (PPC) / Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC) qualifications in each industry vary according to their respective provisions, so job vacancies for D3 and D4 are widely open, he explained. (Antonya/Anisa/Zul) (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 08-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Bagus Bambang Wibowo, Dr Mustofa, Ir Nina Martha Maghdalena

Keyword : IPB University Vocational School, D3, D4, Applied Bachelor