Bringing Startups with Industry, IPB University Holds Business Matching Tenants

IPB University’s Science and Technology Area Institute (LKST) held a Business Matching Tenant Business Incubation Program for Science Techno Park (STP) IPB University on November 29th.  It aims to bring together startups fostered by STP IPB University with industrial partners.

“Alhamdulillah, this year there are 28 innovations from startup tenants from IPB University alumni and the community around the campus that we foster together.  Hopefully, with assistance that is not too long, these products can be scaled up to become an industrial partner,” Prof. Erika Budiarti Laconi said.

In addition to being an industrial partner, the innovative products of these startups can also be accepted by the public from their liking, acceptance and distribution power.  Thus, through these various innovations, the presence of IPB University can be accepted and become a benefit for the community.

On that occasion, as many as three startup tenants of STP IPB University immediately signed a collaboration with industrial partners.  The startups are Sobat Foundation with tenant PT. Nectars Natura Karya, Aleshaa with tenant PT. Pertiwi Parahita Teknologi, and PT. Sahabat Sato Sejahtera with tenant PT. Sugeng Jaya Group.

IPB University rector, Prof. Arif Satria, said IPB University continues to be committed to fostering new startups.  Currently, IPB University has 282 tenants who continue to receive assistance.  Not only that, the facilities available at STP IPB University continue to be developed.

“Currently IPB University is also preparing a special six-story building for tenants.  This is part of our commitment to grow new startups.  We are proud of the alumni of IPB University, these startups are creators of opportunity,” he said.

His pride of of course reasonable.  The reason is, the alumni of these startup owners have created jobs and encouraged economic growth.

Facing today’s era full of uncertainty, he said. Adaptation alone is not enough. The pattern of business today is determined by creativity and the ability to think for the future.  To the tenants, he emphasized to have big dreams.

“You have to have big dreams, not just survive.  Not just already producing, already innovating.  But we hope that one day you can become a big company like Alibaba, for example.  It all depends on your mindset,” he explained.

His message to startup tenants, so that they continue to be creative, produce new innovations.  “Because today’s creativity is expensive, something that cannot be touched.  But today’s big investors are interested in investing,” he closed.  (*) (IAAS/DR)

Published Date : 01-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Prof Erika Budiarti, Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB innovation, IPB alumni, IPB students