IPB University Researchers Create IPB ELISA Kits to Check COVID-19 Antibodies Sufficiency

Researchers from the Primate Animal Study Center (PASC) of the Institute for Research and Community Service (IoRCS) IPB University succeeded in making an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)-based COVID-19 antibody kit. The antibody kit was known as "IPB ELISA Kit, COVID-19 Antibody".

IPB University's innovation was motivated by increased vigilance in overcoming the COVID-19 disease through vaccination, considering that the pandemic that has claimed millions of lives is believed to be effectively controlled through vaccines. Evaluation of the success of vaccination is absolutely necessary so that the certainty of protection is guaranteed.

Evaluation of the success of vaccination can be done by checking the quality and quantity of the antibodies produced. However, the current COVID-19 antibody test still relies on imported products which are relatively expensive. The nation's independence is needed in developing technology to detect and evaluate COVID-19 antibodies that are practical, quality, precise and economical.

Based on this, researchers from PASC of IoRCS IPB University, drh. Huda S Darusman, PhD and the PSSP Research Team of IoRCS IPB University designed a COVID-19 examination kit based on the ELISA technique with innovations in materials. Biological components of the two viral components, Protein N and Recombinant Protein N Antigen (nucleocapsid) and Recombinant Protein RBD (receptor-binding domain) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The development of an ELISA-based COVID-19 antibody kit prototype was then carried out.

"The kit is planned to be applied to post-vaccination patients or to patients after recovering from COVID-19 disease to evaluate the success of vaccination or the formation of COVID-19 antibodies produced from each patient in response to the virus," Head of PASC explained.

It is hoped that this antibody kit can evaluate the implementation of vaccinations that have been running in Indonesia. In addition, the data can be used as a consideration in developing a better vaccine management strategy. This innovation was carried out to support national independence in handling COVID-19. And as a form of IPB University's contribution to the nation's independence for health research. (MW/Zul) (IAAS/DR)

Published Date : 21-Dec-2021

Resource Person : drh Huda S Darusman, PhD

Keyword : Primate Animal Study Center (PASC), Institute for Research and Community Service (IoRCS), Researchers, IPB University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Red and White Covid-19 Antibody ELISA Kit, Innovation