LPPM IPB University Develops Hydroponics in Benteng Village, Ciampea IPB University

Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) collaborates with residents of RW 06, Ciampea Asri Housing, Benteng Village, Ciampea District, Bogor Regency to develop hydroponics, 17/12. The assessment was carried out by the Deputy Head of Community Service, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf, and Assistant for Community Service and Thematic Real Work Lectures (KKNT), Dr. Ninuk Purnaningsih. On that occasion, IPB University's KKNT students for the December-January period will carry out activities at the location. In his speech, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf said that this activity was a form of embodiment of the tridharma of higher education and one of the solutions to meet household food needs.

"This is an implementation of the tridharma, especially community service. It is hoped that with this activity, at least the household food needs will be fulfilled. Hopefully in the future, apart from being able to meet household needs, it can also increase income," he said.

Dr. Ninuk Purnaningsih explained, later IPB University students through the KKNT program will assist residents to develop hydroponics in that location. "There is a group of IPB University students from various scientific fields, especially agriculture, later KKNT will be here. Hopefully, later they can make a lot of contributions to the community. Besides hydroponic development later, it is hoped that there will be innovations, "said Dr. Ninuk.

Hydroponic development carried out at LPPM IPB University in Ciampea Asri Housing was warmly welcomed by residents. The head of RW 06, Ali Basyah Latief has a plan to make the housing a beautiful environment according to its name. "There are three points of land location that can be used. It will be determined which one first, "Ali said.

According to him, long before LPPM University comes, some people have developed hydroponics. Armed with the activities of lecturers serve, Asih one of the residents in the housing Ciampea Asri falls earlier than other citizens to develop

hydroponics." Since there are activities lecturers serve from Mr. Bisman, we got knowledge of hydroponics. Then I developed it by looking for information in groups and YouTube," he concluded. (MHT/Zul) (IAAS/NRB)

Published Date : 21-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Dr Ninuk Purnaningsih, Dr Sofyan Sjaf

Keyword : Hydroponics, KKNT, LPPM, IPB University