IPB University Trusted by Kemendikbudristek to be the Manager of Kedai Reka 2022 Matching Fund Management

IPB University through the Institution for Science Technology Park (LKST) carried out the Matching Fund Program Evaluation 2021, 10/12. On that occasion, Dr. Paristiyanti Nurwardani, Secretary of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology said, IPB University was trusted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) to be the management team for Kedai Reka's 2022 Matching Fund Management.

This is based on IPB University's success in implementing matching funds in 2021. Dr. Paristiyanti explained, IPB University became the university that won the most Matching Fund 2021 by obtaining 24 billion rupiahs of the 250 billion rupiahs of available funds. In addition, from 142 national innovations, 34 innovations came from IPB University.

"Based on that, we ask IPB University to help become a satellite of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology to become the manager of Kedai Reka's Matching Fund in 2022," said Dr. Paristiyanti.

He also said that the funds provided next year will increase by six times, which is as much as Rp 1.5 trillion. The funds are sourced from the Kemendikbudristek Budget Use List (DIPA) of 950 billion rupiahs and the State General Treasurer which is estimated to reach 550 billion rupiahs.

"So next year the Kedai Reka Matching Fund will contribute to Indonesia through innovation of 1.5 trillion rupiahs. Congratulations to IPB University for being trusted to be a satellite of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology to manage Matching Fund management in 2022," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of LKST IPB University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Erika Budiarti Laconi, M.S. said, the trust of the Ministry of Education and Culture is the real fruit of IPB University's hard work so far. That the management carried out in the downstream innovation process at IPB University is carried out by following a good governance structure.

 "Alhamdulillah, in 2021 real work from IPB University which assigned us to carry out a matching fund program, yielded tangible results. Of course, this mandate is not easy, but we must give our best. Let's collaborate to implement, one medium to downstream inventions towards innovation and business," he said.

In addition to industrial partners, he continued, the Matching Fund program at IPB University also involved 350 students in the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) program, 180 IPB University lecturers, and various other universities. This program is implemented in Sumatra. Starting from Lampung to Riau, West Java, Central Java, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara and Maluku.

"We hope that in 2022 IPB University will also reclaim 10 percent of the funds provided for the matching fund program. So that the downstream innovation of IPB University can be present with the community, it will have a real social and economic impact," said Prof. Erika. (**/ Zul) (IAAS/BLA)

Published Date : 13-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Dr Paristiyanti Nurwardani, Prof Erika B Laconi

Keyword : IPB University, Kedai Reka, Matching Fund, Kemendikbud, Research and Technology, innovation